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No Summer Internship? No Problem!

Greetings to you all! I’d like to thank Michele Posehn for all of contributions to the Student Branding Blog and for her introduction as she passed the Sodexo baton to me in her last post. I look forward to sharing career advice and job hunting strategies with you! As we move forward together, I welcome [...]


Your Resume Has 6 Seconds to Shine

There was a recent article, “What Recruiters Look At During the 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume“, that put together a heat map that tracked the eye movements of 30 recruiters. Pretty interesting article — but what I’m here to share with you today is the 6 basic things you should absolutely, positively, without [...]


Oh the Places We’ve Been: College Graduation

I think of Dr. Seuss around this time of year and his book, Oh the Places You’ll Go.  Many receive it as a graduation gift, a sort of inspirational read to remind you of the infinite possibilities that await as you’re handed your degree.  What Dr. Seuss fails to reflect on is how the places [...]


Conquering Your Jabberwocky – Part II

Recently we followed Alice down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.  This week, we are going to apply some lessons learned from Alice, particularly how to move past our fears. The Jabberwocky is an appropriate analogy for our fears.  It has “jaws that bite,” which could be construed as words that pierce our psyche and wound [...]


Job Rejection…..Until We Meet Again

In the world of campus recruiting, it’s likely that a recruiter will see a student multiple times.  Between interviews, professional functions, and on-campus recruiting efforts, a student could have several interactions with the same recruiter. Depending upon the outcome of these interactions, seeing a recruiter again may or may not be an experience a student [...]


Build Relationships to Build a Career

If you’re coming up on graduation, and you’re looking to start your career–this post is for you. If you are a year or more away from graduation, then this post is really for you! Starting and building a career can be a daunting task…that is, unless you invest time and effort upfront to build meaningful [...]


Tips for Introductions and Networking Offline

In your everyday world, the casual encounters of your daily routine can open up a network of connections with limitless possibilities. Consider some of the common–and not so common–places where people are networking offline in my last post, “Advance Your Career with Community Contacts.”  So, now that you know where to look for contacts, how [...]


Do You Have Room to Negotiate Salary?

Although I’ve had students ask my opinion about negotiating starting salaries, I was somewhat caught off guard when a student I offered a position to actually called me back to negotiate. I’m a big believer that “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”, so I definitely respected the student for initiating the conversation. Similar to many [...]

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