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Preparing for Fall Semester: Build Your Skills with Electives

Whether you’re working towards a bachelor’s degree in business, food management, fine arts, or anything in between, you likely have some elective credits to fill each semester. While you might think that this is a great place to drop in that easy class to lighten your load, you also may want to consider a more [...]


I Promise, It’s Okay

My brother and I are 12 years apart in age.  I started college the year he started kindergarten, and this year, I will celebrate my twelfth anniversary with Hyatt while he enters the working world as a recent college graduate.  It’s a challenge being both a recruiter and a big sister because I don’t want [...]


Beyond Your Major: Building Transferable Skills

As a college student, you’re likely focused on taking classes specific to your major. You’re eager to learn about your chosen career field and ready to master the skills required to find a job after graduation. While this is all extremely important, you should also consider another area called “transferable skills.” Transferable skills are a [...]


My Love/Hate Relationship with Being “Open”

I’m going to admit it.  I have a love/hate relationship with the word “open.”  I know hate is a strong word and I’ve been told that the opposite of love is actually indifference, but depending upon the day and the situation, my feelings for the word “open” are much stronger than indifference.  I sometimes actually [...]


5 Tips to Hit the Ground Running after Graduation

As we head into summer, my Facebook feed has been filled with photos of my friends graduating from college. While the photos exude celebration, achievement, and pride (and rightfully so), the status updates that have followed or preceded these photos tell a much bigger story. Many recent grads are finding themselves unsure about the next [...]

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