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Five Keys to Graduate School Success

Starting graduate school can be stressful and intimidating, whether you are just completing your undergraduate work or going back to school after a period of time in the ‘real world’. To combat this feeling of uncertainty, I have found that students are likely to be happier and more successful if they focus their efforts. Here [...]


Your Future Career: Consider Now What Will Make You Happy Later

What is important to you when considering your future career?  Here are some points that you may want to consider. Money – Not the First Consideration Surveys show that people believe intrinsic goals are the most meaningful. But in practice, people in nearly all nations actually pursue extrinsic goals in their life choices. Students often [...]


Should your Social Media Profiles be Connected?

I love Twitter!  It’s probably my favorite social network.  I have Twitter searches set up for each of the schools that I recruit at for Corporate Management Trainees and Interns.  This is one of the ways I stay connected to what is going on at each university. The Scenario It’s through one of these searches [...]


Is Your Request for a Raise Realistic?

Hourly rates and annual salaries are often a big concern for employees. After all, these numbers help you determine if you can afford the lifestyle you desire. And, while many other factors such as paid time off, employee discounts, flexible work arrangements and other perks play into your overall satisfaction with your compensation package, sometimes [...]


How to Be Best in Class at Career Fairs

Changing leaves. Profiles. Business suits. When I was a college student, the approach of fall always signified two things: fashion week and career fairs. Both events culminate into a speed dating frenzy of individuals competing for the attention of top industries to buy into their talent. So how do you stand out in the cattle [...]


Time Management: Learn a Lesson from the Rooster

It is o’ early thirty.  The sun still isn’t over the horizon, and I can hear the roosters crowing off in the distance.  I am sitting out on my back deck trying to get some work done before the world gets busy.  Crazy you say..? ——— The Great Time Squeeze College will be back in [...]


Are You Ready for Your Next Career Move?

Approaching a manager to discuss your next career move or request a raise are examples of two conversations that create anxiety for many employees. Fortunately at Sodexo, we have an annual conversation with our managers about our professional development and future career goals. This meeting is a scheduled conversation that encourages open conversation and allows [...]


Wrapping Up Your Internship

With the arrival of August comes the final weeks of summer and for many students the final weeks of their internships.  Although it’s easy to get caught up in the countdown of days remaining until you return home or are back on campus, here’s a few items for you to accomplish before wrapping up your [...]

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