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Why I Wish I Couldn’t Sleep on Planes

I fly, a lot. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m some sort of jet-setter. And I am–I’ve been on a plane at least once a month since April 2010. And according to foursquare, I’ve checked in at my local airport over 40 times (which seems a little low actually). When [...]


Take Control of Your Email Overload

Like most students, e-mail was probably not your primary tool for communicating with others while in school. But, if you graduated and started your first job this summer, it’s likely your inbox is now overflowing. Managing your e-mail is vastly different than the text messages on your phone. It’s not as easy to just delete [...]


Start Off Your Career on the Right Foot

As the manager of Viacom’s Internship Program, I’ve been able to witness hundreds of students’ first steps – literally. I’ve witnessed their first steps into our building, as well as their first steps into a possible career.  Often, employees forget that this may be a student’s first time interning or working in a major corporation. [...]


Your Resume: Clone or a Genuine Original?

Ah, so many career experts… all ready to impart their wisdom. And, seemingly, all ready to make you and your career fit into some kind of template, for no other reason than convenience – theirs, or yours. This is not a new trend, of course. It has always been easiest to build a template and [...]


Why Do We Hate to Network?

Why do we hate to network? With career fair season underway, I am finding my student appointments filled with conversations about how to work the room, meet companies and make an impression. Only it isn’t the students initiating these conversations. Nope – more often than not it is me trying to convince students to do [...]


ReTweet, +1 and Share Your Way to a Personal Brand

This time of year, most students are excited about the fresh start to a new school year. However, many are also anxious about fitting in classes, homework, clubs, Greek life, internships, a job, a social life, networking and yes, building that all-important personal brand everyone is telling them is so important. The latter issue is [...]


Do You Find Your Work Meaningful?

Why should we be engaged in our work? Because it makes us happy. It also makes us and our employers more successful.  Ryan Scott, technology entrepreneur and founder of Causecast asserts that being “engaged means feeling passion for your job and a corresponding feeling of commitment.” Engaged employees are driven to look for meaning in their [...]


Does Your Resume Show The Top 7 Soft Skills?

We’ve talked many times about the importance of tailoring your career collateral to every single application – and how adding this one element to your job hunt strategy can lead to a huge increase in interviews. Did you know, however, that there are personal attributes that should always be present – regardless of the job [...]


Moving On After a Disappointing Internship

The majority of the students who interned with Hyatt this summer really exceeded my expectations and I was quite pleased to read so much positive feedback on their evaluations.  Although it was great to see so many of them be declared “superstars”, there were a few who had less than successful internship experiences. I’m sure [...]


The Truth About Cover Letters

One of the most common questions I get from young job seekers is “Should I submit a cover letter with my résumé?” Well, the answer is that it depends. If the job posting specifically requests a cover letter, then by all means submit one. However, if there’s no request, spend your efforts on tailoring your [...]


Personal Branding: A Promise You Keep

With all the buzz around personal branding, there seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between “marketing” and “branding” – and why that difference can make or break your attempt to create a positive first impression. Simply put: Marketing is what you want people to think about you… regardless of reality Branding is a [...]


How to Make your Interview Matter

If there is one moment in the hiring process that makes most people extremely nervous, it’s those last few minutes before walking into an interview. In that moment, your desire to succeed meets with the anxiety of talking with an unknown interviewer – it’s a recipe for major butterflies, and sweaty palms. But this moment [...]

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