The Student Branding Blog is the #1 resource for career and personal branding advice for high school, college and graduate students.  It was founded on September 1st, 2009 by Dan Schawbel, the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y.  Students of all ages are not prepared for continuing education or stepping foot into the real world.  This blog, with the support of experienced college career counselors and recent graduates, will help students capitalize on their own unique abilities.  Aside from regular contributions from career experts and recent grads, there will be a weekly Student Branding TV show that goes over major topics from the week that are important.

“I wanted to relay how much I enjoy the Student Branding Blog. The content is extremely helpful for an individual in the process of developing his or her brand.” – Kevin Porter, University of Nevada

The student audience

  • High school students: You will learn how to position yourself as a distinct candidate to get into the college of your dreams.  Content will range from what high school students should do to prepare for college to how to make a distinct and compelling college application.
  • College students: You will become familiar with the corporate internship and job recruitment process and how you can best capitalize on your authentic brand to land your dream job.  Content will range from figuring out what major to take to how to build a powerful resume and network within four years.
  • Graduate school students: You will figure out when and how you can get into a top school in order to help you get the best job possible upon graduation.  Content will range from how to match your passion and strengths to the right degree concentration to how to engage with your classmates and build relationships.

Why students should be concerned about branding

As a student you have to be concerned even more about your online image than how you present yourself in an interview.  The odds for getting internships and jobs are against you, at a time where more people are graduating with advanced degrees and the economy is in peril.  Here are some quick statistics to illustrate how your world has changed:

  • 45% of companies conduct background checks on social networks (Careerbuilder 2009)
  • 10% of college admissions officers conduct background checks on social networks (Kaplan 2009)
  • Hiring is down 7% for the 2010 graduating class (NACE, September 2009)
  • 63% of job-hunting college grads aren’t cleaning up their social network profiles (, September 2009)
  • 71% of college admissions officers receive friend requests from applicants (Kaplan, September 2009)
  • Employers receiving 49 graduate applications for each vacancy (Association of Graduate Recruiters, July 2009)
  • 59% of college grads send out 30 or more resumes as part of their job search (, May 2009)

If you’re new to the Student Branding Blog, then here are the top 10 most popular posts since we started the blog. Feel free to join the conversations by commenting and sharing them with your friends.


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