Apply for a Job But Go For a Career!

Career is more than just a sequence of jobs!

I recently read Rusty Rueff’s Glassdoor blog on How To Choose A ‘Triple Crown’ Career: It’s More Than Placing The Right Bet. I thought it very apt to share here the three questions Rusty Rueff asks to consider so that you can win your own Triple Crown career:

  • Can you fall in love with the product or the service that the company provides?
  • Will you want to run hard for those who you work with?
  • Will you be developed and grow for the long run?

So this brings up the question around the difference between a job, an occupation, and a career? Often the terms job, occupation, and career are used interchangeably. In fact, they have very different meanings. A job is work for which you receive pay. Example: A developer at XYZ Company. An occupation is a wide category of jobs with similar characteristics. Example: physician, engineer, educator, or scientist. A career is a lifetime journey of building and making good use of your skills, knowledge, and experiences. It is the total of all events and relationships in our lives: family, friends, education, work, and leisure activities.

Great careers happen when you leverage your competencies, personal traits, values, passion with what the organizational need is. When you are planning a career, ask yourself the question–“Is it a job change or a well-thought-out career plan.”

Three Ways to Look When You are on a Career Crossroad

Look Inward – Focus on self-assessment, gaining a deep understanding of who you are, what you want, what you are good at, and what you are interested in doing to make sure that these things are aligned with your career.

Look Outward – Focus on areas outside of yourself such as industry and organizational trends, feedback from others, mentors, and networks.

Look Forward – Focus on identifying next steps for creating your career and professional development plan. You pull forward the information from your Inward and Outward views and set your vision and goals in the right direction with the following Five Building Blocks to a well thought out career plan.

Five Building Blocks to a Great Career

Learn to Adapt as Change is Constant – We change constantly and so does the world around us–including the working world. Because a single occupation will no longer take us from the beginning to the end of our working lives, adaptability is an important skill to carry into the future.

Lifelong Learning – Graduating from high school or college doesn’t mean that your education is complete. Opportunities to learn are everywhere! Learn to recognize them and make your learning a lifelong experience.

Experience the Journey -Travelling through life is like travelling down a road: having a destination gives direction, but most of the time is spent moving along. Pay attention to the journey with all its pitfalls, sidetracks, opportunities, and highways to new destinations.

Dream your Ideal Career – Dreaming about your future can help you understand what you really want in life. Knowing what you want and keeping it in your mind can give you the motivation you need to deal with life’s challenges. Never be afraid to dream.

Network – The journey of life is not taken alone. Friends, family, teachers, neighbors–any of them can be willing and helpful allies when it comes to judging what steps to take in life’s path.

Great careers are made out of Great Passion, Marriage of Strengths, and a Foresight into the trends in the industry and marketplace. CareerLeader is a great platform that will get you started on understanding your strengths and help map them with specific career paths.


Dheeraj has been a Community and Organization Builder and has successfully led transformational startups like Andale Inc. in India and also led large Global Enterprise Services teams in technology majors like Symantec Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. In his most recent role, he was heading the education business segment at Microsoft – India. He is currently innovating as Managing Director – BraveNewTalent a Web 2.0 technology platform company into building Talent Communities for Employers to attract, engage, educate and socially recruit Gen Y talent. He was awarded by Microsoft with a MVP Award for Management Excellence for his contributions in strategic thinking and deployment of Management Development initiatives and building the Community for Management Excellence.

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