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The Ultimate Brand

I fell in love with Apple not because of the innovative products the company offers, but because of a speech I heard from Steve Jobs. Sitting in class my senior year of college, I listened  to Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Feeling uninspired and frustrated with college at the time, Jobs’ speech was exactly what [...]


Picture This

Jack Canfield originally introduced me to the idea of photomapping in his book, The Power of Focus. It’s the idea to match a picture with each of your goals so you have a visual representation of what you want to achieve. It sounded like a great idea, but I had never tried it until this [...]


How Much Are You Worth?

You have more control over the answer than you may think. When you’re fresh out of college or starting a new career path, you might be tempted to take whatever offer is given to you. That may be the right thing to do in some cases, but be sure you know salary negotiation basics before [...]


A Brand Keepsake

Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve written a letter to myself at the beginning of the year that I didn’t allow myself to open until New Year’s Eve that same year. I write about everything going on in my life–from future career dreams (travel show host) to personal thoughts and ambitions (seeing a [...]


Striking Your Own Balance

It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my career. Telling your employer you need more “me time” outside of work is never easy. You don’t want to seem like you’re a lazy worker or that you can’t keep up with the job. It’s important, though, that you learn to strike a [...]


Required: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s something we all struggle with. Marketing guru Seth Godin blogs about it, countless books are written on the topic, and people take classes to learn how to overcome it. It’s the fear of being wrong. It’s the fear of straying outside your comfort zone. And it’s also this fear that will hold you back. [...]


Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

He’s being called “the best guy golf has ever seen” and is “setting a standard for his generation.” Twenty-two year-old Rory McIlroy lit up the U.S. Open on Sunday, shooting an all-time tournament low. He smashed records and tied others, leading many to dub him the next Tiger Woods. He’s poised to take the golf [...]


Personal Branding, Dirk Nowitzki Style

He’s 7 feet tall. He weighs in at 245 pounds and is about to turn 33 years old. He went pro in the NBA 12 years ago. Besides all the hard facts, what else do we know about the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player? Being from Dallas, I couldn’t resist pointing out the lessons we [...]


So What You’re Really Saying Is…

You spend hours rehearsing the answers to interview questions. You’d never forget to say “thank you” after an interview. You know it helps to remember to address a person by their name after you meet them. However, what about the things you’re not saying that are just as important? My company recently brought in a [...]

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