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Give Your Brand Some

If you are serious about personal branding, you should be blogging and feeding that content to your accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Once you get going, you’ll probably also have other accounts on places like Youtube and delicious. Having a landing page is a good way to provide people interested in you and your [...]


Sharon Markovsky’s Personal Brand

Sharon Markovsky was an MBA student in a personal branding course I taught at The University of Nevada, Reno in January, 2010. In just eight short months, Sharon has created what I think is a very effective personal brand. Sharon blogs regularly at Sharon Markovsky’s Practical Discussions of Marketing, producing valuable content that makes her [...]


Do You Have A Personal Branding Success Story?

I want to hear from you. If you have a personal branding success story, or know someone that has a good success story, please share it with me. If I like it, we can discuss how we can share your story with the other readers of The Student Branding Blog. Bret L. Simmons: Share Your [...]


Facebook Is Necessary

I’m currently teaching another personal branding class to undergraduate and MBA students and I’ve reached the point where everyone is required to establish a Facebook profile. This is always the most controversial part of the class. A few folks have avoided Facebook by choice and cringe at the thought of it being a required element [...]


Values, Engagement, and Your Personal Brand

Employers love engaged employees. Engaged employees invest their heads, hands and hearts in their jobs. Recent research has confirmed that engaged employees are likely to be better performers and organizational citizens – doing more than what is expected – than disengaged employees. Earning a reputation as a top performer and organizational citizen is good for [...]


The Impact of a LinkedIn Discussion on Tom H.C. Anderson’s Brand

Tom H.C. Anderson is the founder of Anderson Analytics, an online market research firm. He facilitates (he is listed as the owner) the 8,826 member LinkedIn group called Next Gen Market Research (NGMR). One of my former students and market researcher, Sharon Markovsky, made me aware of an incident that occurred during a discussion in [...]


Are You A Career Commander?

Whether you are new to Personal Branding or have been at it for a while, Dan Schwabel’s book ME 2.0 is a must read. His concept of being the commander of your career really resonates with me because it assumes a high degree of personal responsibility. According to Dan, to be a career commander means [...]


Multiplication Branding

I’m going to recommend that you read the new book, “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter,” by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown. In my more detailed review of the book I point out some of its flaws, but despite its shortcomings it is well worth your time to read. If you aspire to [...]


Learn To Confront Your Fears

Yesterday, I climbed to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The first gallery, The Whispering Gallery, is 257 steps up from the Cathedral Floor. Another 119 above the Whispering Gallery, on the outside of the dome, is the Stone Gallery. And finally, another 152 steps above that is the Golden Gallery, and the [...]


Buy Your Name – TODAY!

In previous posts, I’ve shared with you my tips for getting started with blogging, as well as my ranking of the best social media sites for personal branding. Something that I overlooked in both those posts was the basic advice to own your name online. By that I mean you own the domain Buying [...]


Three Tips for Beginner Bloggers

As I discussed in my last post, if you are blogging as part of your personal branding efforts, you should be encouraged! Blogging is tough, but it is one of the best things you can do to help develop your personal brand. I consider my decision to blog one of the best professional and personal [...]


Blogging? Be Encouraged!

If you are blogging as part of your personal branding efforts, you know firsthand that it is the single most effective way to document and communicate your value – what you can do uniquely well to help others address issues or solve problems that matter to them. You also know firsthand how difficult it is [...]


Study Abroad

Greetings from Getxo, Spain! I am spending the first three weeks of June teaching International Management through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in Bilbao, Spain, and four weeks from late June through July teaching International Organizational Behavior in London through the University of Nevada, Reno.  Although the program is officially in Bilbao, all students [...]


Professional and Personal Blogs

My “day job” is at the University of Nevada, Reno, where I am an Assistant Professor of Management. I started my first blog, Positive Organizational Behavior, so that I could build my training and speaking business. With that blog I position myself as someone that can help others with issues related to leadership and followership. This blog [...]


Personal Branding Decisions

“What are you doing with your blog? I can’t tell by looking at it how you make money. Sure you charge $400 per hour for training, but we know nobody pays those rates anymore.” A friend of mine made these comments to me recently. I had to agree with him that I am potentially under-utilizing [...]

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