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Reverse Googling: Interview Prep Strategy

I recently wrote a post on Mashable about using social media to research companies as you prepare for interviews. You should also research your interviewer(s). Who is the person who will be sitting across the table from you? Having basic knowledge about your interviewer will help you make a positive impression and build stronger rapport [...]


Three Skills To Master Before Entering The Workplace

Congratulations to all of this month’s college graduates! Soon many of you will enter the workplace for the first time. Here are three skills to master before you begin your first job: 1. Accepting criticism True to the Gen Y stereotype, I used to have a hard time accepting criticism.  I didn’t think I was [...]


“Help! I hate my job!”

With so many people struggling to find jobs these days, it’s become taboo to complain about work. If an employed young professional expresses even the slightest inkling of discontent, the collective voice of the economy shouts back, “You’re lucky you have a job!”  Unemployed friends glare at you.  Parents dismiss your complaints and mutter something [...]


The Art of Getting LinkedIn Recommendations

College students are joining LinkedIn everyday.  In the last month, I’ve received numerous questions about LinkedIn recommendations — who to ask, what to write, how to follow-up, and more.  Here, I will provide a few tips for approaching the LinkedIn recommendation request process. Ask people who know your work well. Ask for LinkedIn recommendations from [...]


Internships for Introverts

An internship is an opportunity to gain experience in a work setting and make valuable professional connections for your future. To be an effective intern, you need to adjust to your new surroundings, get to know people, contribute to projects, and make a positive impression on your colleagues — all in a short period of [...]


Relocating After College

For graduating seniors, choosing a location to land after college is a big deal. This decision often comes with anxiety, uncertainty, and lots of questions.  Should you head back home?  Follow your friends to a big city?  Explore options abroad?  Stay in your college town? When I graduated, I chose to stay in my college [...]


Three Costly Mistakes by Job Seekers

Do you feel like you’re putting lots of effort into your job search but not seeing results? Sometimes, job seekers feel discouraged by sending out dozens of resumes and not getting interviews. Or getting lots of interviews, but never converting them into job offers. The hiring process is different for every organization, so I can’t [...]


Making Your Own Opportunities

Last week, Seth Godin professed that “safe is risky.”  Many people follow directions, aim for approval from professors/bosses, and color inside the lines. This aversion to risk is actually risky — in that you risk not taking advantage of the world of opportunities around you. Godin used the example of a student only interviewing with [...]


#EntryLevelTweet: Your Job Search in 140 Characters

I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way to give meaningful career advice in 140 characters.  I generally agree with you.  But Heather Huhman’s new book, #EntryLevelTweet, defies the norm.  Broken up into six sections, the book packs actionable tips into simple, 140-character blurbs.  It’s perfect for a college junior or senior embarking on a [...]


How Introverts Can Benefit from Social Media

Your career success hinges on your ability to network with people and promote your professional self.  For introverts, both of these things can be challenging. The idea of attending a networking event is enough to make some introverts sick, as is the thought of boasting about one’s accomplishments in an interview.  Luckily, social media make [...]


Three LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers

LinkedIn can be a major asset in your job search. Beyond providing you with a platform for expressing your professional identity, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for gathering insider information and building your network. Here are three ways you can tap into the full power of the professional networking site. Warning: some people say that [...]


Avoiding Generational Battles At Work

I think the most important skill you can acquire before entering the modern-day workforce is the ability to work effectively with a diverse array of people. Team projects are more common than ever.  Whether you’re at an internship or full-time job, you’re expected to know how to deal with a variety of people — specifically, [...]


Dear Penelope Trunk: You’re Wrong

Last week, Penelope Trunk wrote a blog post debating the value of college and questioning whether a liberal arts education prepares students for the working world. Within this post, she targeted career centers, labeling them “useless” and “incompetent.” She even developed a list of reasons “why career centers are terrible.” I think Penelope Trunk is [...]


Benefiting From a Career Fair That You Hate

During my time in college, I never attended career fairs.  I found them unappealing.  As someone interested in advertising and communications, all the financial services, IT, and engineering companies turned me off.  I was never sure exactly what I wanted to do after college, but I knew I didn’t want to be part of a [...]


Greek Life and Your Job Search

Since I work on a college campus where 25% of students are involved in greek life, I receive a fair share of questions about how to represent this involvement in the job search process. When I’m lucky, I get to present workshops to entire fraternities and sororities about how to leverage their greek experience as [...]

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