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How to Navigate the Online Job Search

It seems like every company is telling you to visit their website and apply online. Can you personally hand them your resume? Sure, but it’s best for you to see what opportunities are available and apply online. The truth is an electronic application and resume goes much farther than a paper one. In some cases [...]


Personal Branding: Time to Reflect and Move Forward

Now it’s back to school and you’re wrapping up the start of a new semester. It’s exciting to think you’re a little wiser and one step closer to graduation. But are you ready? Have you thought about what’s next, short-term and long-term? Do you need to bring your grades up to apply to that graduate [...]


Don’t Let Finals Get To You – 5 Tips

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?! The semester is almost over! Here are 5 finals tips for you. Top 5 Finals Tips 5. Review your study guide – sounds simple, right?! Not all professors expect you to blindly go through all the lessons from the semester. Some will let you [...]


A New Spin on The Old Career Fair

It’s Career Fair season! I’m sure you all have read a lot of information about how to approach employers, how to dress, what to say etc. Well this is a little bit different. I attended a recent job fair and wanted to give you my take on the common situation. 1. Goodie Snatchers …have no [...]


Don’t Forget What You Came For

The college experience is a great one! Stay up late, eat whenever/whatever you want, and just all around be responsible for every point of your life. In this short period of your life, the key is to prepare yourself for life after college. This sometimes takes a backseat to all the fun you’re probably having. [...]


Plz take a min 2 read ths:

In our fast paced society, we’re seeing more and more technological advances that allow consumers to do things better, faster, smarter. In the last 10 years we’ve seen cassette tapes become replaced by CDs, which are slowly being phased out by MP3s. One of the most notable advancements is the cell phone. Cell phones have [...]


Thanks But No Thanks

We’ve all been there. Reviewing the want ads, internet job boards, and company recruiting sites to find a position in which we feel we are the best candidate–hands down. After reading each bulleted qualification, you’re doing a mental “check” in your head. “Communication skills…check!, Excel proficiency…check!” You feel you can do everything on here! You [...]


Make Goalsetting a Trending Topic

Have you made any personal goals lately? If not, I’d stongly encourage you to do so! Goals are the reasons why corporations and certain individuals are successful. Without them it is very easy to float through life without purpose. They can be as personal as lose 15lbs before Labor Day, or read one book a [...]


A Job and Internship Refresher

Whoooo Hooooo!! It’s summertime!!! A time for students to take a break from their studies to focus on different activities that will better prepare them for the next step. Of course the next step will vary based on your passion and future goals. As I sit back and reflect on the last semester’s recruiting season [...]

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