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Build Relationships to Build a Career

If you’re coming up on graduation, and you’re looking to start your career–this post is for you. If you are a year or more away from graduation, then this post is really for you! Starting and building a career can be a daunting task…that is, unless you invest time and effort upfront to build meaningful [...]


Who is Invested in YOUR Success?

Since my last post here I’ve had a lot of changes in my career, all for the better. This got me thinking about how some of these new opportunities came my way and I thought that might make a good post. A personal brand isn’t just about starting a blog, posting on twitter, and updating your [...]


Do You Exceed Expectations?

This summer has brought about a lot of changes for me, not the least of which included a new job. Many of you may be starting a new semester (maybe your first semester) or a new job as well. Let’s talk about first impressions and exceeding expectations. We are constantly presented with chances to make [...]


Serious about Finding a Job? Read This.

Back in April, I wrote a post titled Get Good at Introducing Yourself, the main point was getting comfortable being the person that starts a conversation and a relationship. In it I said “nothing happens until you introduce yourself” – which is to say, if you wait for everyone else to make the first move [...]


Make Learning Part of Your Brand

“A good ___________ never stops learning.”  Fill in the blank with anything you want to do, it doesn’t matter: lawyer, doctor, architect, marketer, writer, etc. – you get the point. Is learning part of your brand? Of course we’re all learners. If you’re reading this blog you’ve decided to learn about personal branding. If you’re in college right now, you’ve decided [...]


What If You Don’t Build Your Personal Brand?

Times are tough. If you take a look at the numbers: hiring is down, salaries are down, opportunities are not as plentiful as they used to be and competition for top jobs is increasing. If this scenario doesn’t concern you, check out this article from The New York Times: Many With College Degree Find the [...]


You Can’t Buy Your Goals

Where do you want to be in 2 to 3 years? If you’re just finishing up your college career this month, maybe a better question is: where do you want to be in 2 to 3 months (or, maybe even 2 to 3 weeks)? Have you taken the steps necessary to achieve these goals? Do [...]


How Strong is Your Personal Brand?

… Be honest. Ask yourself that and these other questions: What do you want your personal brand to do for you? Do you think your brand really stands out amongst your peers? Are you really dedicated to building a strong brand? These are significant questions that you must ask yourself if you’re serious about building [...]


Being Proactive and Holding Yourself Accountable

My last few posts will help you get in front of people and make some connections that will serve you well both personally – and professionally. And, I wanted to draw a parallel between introducing yourself and lining up some informational interviews. Be proactive. When introducing yourself or lining up informational interviews, you’re being proactive. [...]


Find the Right Person, Ask the Right Questions

Last week, my article “Get Good at Introducing Yourself” talked about taking that first step and getting comfortable making initial connections with people.  Let’s take it one step further. As you are working your way toward your first job out of school, or maybe getting ready to make a transition early in your career, finding [...]


Get Good at Introducing Yourself

…and I’m not talking about your elevator pitch. Building your personal brand involves many things–not the least of which is actually meeting people and making connections. Brand perception lives with the customers and the community, not the brand itself (you in this case). Making a great first impression is critical, but it all starts with [...]


Twitter as your resume?

Back in January I wrote a post titled Resume 2.0. I talked about how resumes can and will be getting more interactive, and that basically, the best way to show off your experience (and your brand) is not through a static document that you upload when applying for a job. The best way to accomplish [...]


The Heavy-Hitters @ SXSW Interactive

This year I attended SXSW Interactive for the very first time. If you’re not familiar with the event – it’s five days of keynotes, networking, and the latest and greatest in technology and the web. The event has grown in size every year since its inception and this year I was one of about 19,000 [...]


Pump Up Your Brand with Your Strengths and Interests

In my last post, I asked the question “is your brand really helping you?” The post asked “does your brand represent what you want to do in the future, what you do today, or – hopefully both?” Here’s the point: your brand should be somewhat ‘elastic’ in nature so it can evolve with you over [...]


Is your brand really helping you?

So…we’re building a personal brand. For what? This is part of a larger question probably, like: “what do you want to do with your life?” Let’s say we built a brand around becoming an accounting professional. Combined with our work history, a blog we’ve started, and other activities – we’re recognized as a very strong [...]

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