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No Mincing Words on Your Resume

I know that graduation and internship search season is right around the corner when I start seeing a lot of students for resume help. Even over the winter break, I’ve been busy with appointments, the majority of which have been for resumes. I’ve come to really enjoy these appointments. Resume writing is (or should be) [...]


‘Tis the Season to Be Polite

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family and friends. But any time you bring people together in social situations, there is an increased need for etiquette. Before you turn away thinking that etiquette is all about stuffiness and antiquated rules, realize that etiquette plays an important role in society. Etiquette is about [...]


University Scandal Leaves Student Branding Questions

The current situation at Penn State is incredibly sad. My heart goes out to the victims in the case as well as the greater Penn State community. Scandals are nothing new in higher education. In fact, when I was an undergraduate, there was an ugly incident at my university involving the photoshopping of diversity into [...]


The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Alas, every professional’s eternal struggle–striking a balance between their career and their home life–has hit me hard this year. I feel like I have been working non-stop since the beginning of the semester, which has not been good. I have always prided myself on maintaining good work-life balance, and I have gotten slightly off track. [...]


Your November Branding To-Do List

Is it just me, or has this semester been flying by? I can’t believe it’s already November. And I can’t be the only one out there who realizes that November will fly by as well. Don’t let this November go to waste. Here are a few manageable things you can fit in between the holidays [...]


Career Lessons from College Homecoming

It’s Homecoming Week at my university, so I thought I would glean some career wisdom from this proud tradition. A tradition for many colleges and universities, homecoming is an event designed to welcome alumni back “home” to their alma mater. For current students, the festivities are all about school spirit. It’s about connection Homecoming is built [...]


Mind Your Manners in the Workplace

Unspoken rules. You will come across them in almost every environment you find yourself in, and the workplace is no exception. Some of these unspoken rules are location specific, as in a particular organization having their own expectations for what is acceptable and not acceptable. In other cases, these “rules” should just be common sense [...]


Set Your Branding Goals for the New School Year

As someone who has never left education, my year still runs September to September, not January to January. So now that it’s September and a new (school) year has begun, it’s time partake in the new year’s resolution ritual. Or instead of thinking of them as resolutions, something so many of us fail to keep, [...]


Take Your Campus Job Seriously

Classes are in full swing now, and you are hopefully settling into your new weekly schedule. Classes, homework, studying, student organization stuff, work, and friends all need to fit into your life. While all are important, not all of them are always treated that way. From some of my observations, campus jobs often take the [...]


On-Campus Jobs: Student Leader Roles

In my last post, I wrote about the benefits of one specific type of on-campus job: the general office position. With training now in full swing for some of our student staff, I thought I would focus on the benefits of student leader positions on campus. What do I mean by “student leader positions?” I [...]


On-Campus Jobs: Benefits of Office Work

Ready or not, the new school year is right around the corner and it’s time to start getting ready. In addition to school supplies and dorm/apartment furnishings, an on-campus job should be on your list of things to find (if you don’t already have a job). While internships get the bulk of our attention, on-campus [...]


Do Generational Stereotypes Put Your Brand at a Deficit?

Last week, I was busy doing research on generations and related issues in the workplace. My boss and I were asked to present to a local Chamber of Commerce about motivating Gen X (that’s me) and Gen Y (that’s you). Luckily, this topic has come up before, so neither of us was starting from scratch. [...]


Learn to Appreciate Your Own Brand

I just returned from my summer vacation to California. It was great to be away and to take a short break from work before the fall semester begins. While I enjoyed my vacation, I was glad to get home. This summer, I learned that vacations can do two different things: they can help you appreciate [...]


Dealing with Bad Co-Workers at Your Internship

The more entrenched I get in the workplace, the more I realize that we never completely leave middle school. This is a very unfortunate discovery since I couldn’t stand middle school or the first half of high school. Girls were catty towards one another in the worst possible ways. Gossiping and backstabbing were everyday occurrences. [...]


Sky’s The Limit for Summer Career Help

We’re halfway through the summer, and as usual things are pretty quiet on campus. Sure, there are students around taking summer classes, but they are present in much smaller numbers than during the fall or spring. As a staff member, it can be great to have this quiet time to work on a bunch of [...]

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