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How Grad Students Should Approach the Job Search

So you’re in a grad program and before you know it you’ll have your degree. The next step, of course, is to find a job where you can start putting that knowledge to good use–but how do you do that? I recently spoke with the director of graduate programs at a prestigious university. She shared [...]


Are Employers Taking Advantage of the Difficult Job Market?

Does the weak economy of the last few years mean that employers are taking advantage of recent grads looking for their first full time job?  It’s clear to me that some employers are seizing on this opportunity (if you can call it that) to make low or even insulting job offers to entry level candidates. [...]


The Essential Interview Check List: 9 Steps To Ensure You’re Prepared

You have an interview tomorrow–what should you do to ensure you’re prepared?  Other than the obvious interview preparation (researching the company etc.), here are some organizational tips that will make “interview day” go smoothly: Select your attire. Decide what you are going to wear at least one day before the interview.  If you have not [...]


Four Essential Job and Internship Resolutions for 2012

2012 is here. New year. New goals. New resolutions. Finding that killer internship or landing an excellent first job was probably on the list for many of you. But how do you actually get there? Here are four suggestions you can implement today to help you stand out as a candidate for that first job [...]


4 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Getting Into a Top MBA Program

Whether you are still in college or you have already started your career, you may be dreaming about someday attending a leading business school for your MBA.  If so, the actions you take now may have a direct impact on your chances of getting in. Recently, I talked to Dan Bauer, founder of The MBA [...]


Two Unexpected Ways to Get a Graduate Education

Here’s a solution for soon-to-be and recent college graduates who want to move ahead professionally despite the challenges of finding a job in today’s weak economy: Get more education credentials. And I don’t mean grad school in the traditional sense. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a master’s degree (it can certainly help you make more money). But [...]


Three Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

I have to be brutally honest. In the countless resumes I’ve critiqued for college students and recent graduates, I’ve never seen a first draft of a resume that even came close to fulfilling the primary goal of a resume: to tell your story. Here’s what a resume is not. Nobody wants to read your brain [...]


Interesting Interview Questions from a Real COO

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with the chief operating officer for equity capital markets for a premier global financial services provider. The COO, who has interviewed countless people throughout her career from interns and recent graduates to more experienced applicants, is a personal friend and colleague. I’ve know her for many years, [...]


Your References Are More Important Than You Think

When the company you’ve been interviewing with asks for your references, you can already see the finish line. After this small hurdle, a job offer is sure to follow. Far too many people think reference checks are just a perfunctory step–merely checking off another box in the process. After all, would any candidate really give [...]


3 Interview Questions to Know How to Answer

Many college students and recent grads do not know how to prepare properly for an interview. Even those who read the website of their prospective employer and manage to rattle off facts about the company aren’t interview-ready. To wow your interviewer, you really need to research, practice, and prepare until your responses to your interviewer’s [...]


3 Things Students Can Do to Position Themselves to Succeed in a Tough Job Market

It’s common knowledge that the job market has been persistently bad since 2008, and experts are predicting there is no end in sight. This means college students need to be proactive if they want to avoid joining the increasingly large ranks of unemployed and underemployed recent graduates. Far too many students–even at Ivy League institutions–select [...]


Understanding the Bits and Bytes of Digital Recruiting

When you get to be a career coach with more than 25 years of experience in the recruiting space, you come to expect that all the college students and recent graduates you encounter will be light years ahead of you in their grasp of all things digital. You even resign yourself to the inevitable slip [...]


Tips for Ending Your Summer Job or Internship on a Positive Note

All too often, the college students and recent graduates I talk to admit they have lost touch with colleagues from their internships or summer jobs. Sadly, this is not a gradual process of disengagement, but an unnecessarily rapid and complete break. Just because you’ve completed your summer internship or job and are preparing to return [...]


Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Communication

It ought to surprise none of you that even the mass of written communication you unleash in your job search–from emails and cover letters to thank-you notes and networking introductions–contains non-verbal messages. Your various forms of communication include formatting, and there is also timing and tone, which can be either too casual or too formal. [...]


Is it Rejection or Just Bad Manners?

The abundance of job seekers, particularly recent graduates, has ignited a trend of bad manners from hiring companies.  I have often seen job seekers be invited for interviews, follow up with thank you notes, and never receive any response from the company or the individuals who met with them.  Does that mean that you were [...]

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