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How Millennial are You? Using Generational Knowledge to Generate Success

Last week I talked about how I think it’s key to understand the generalized perception of your generation to be prepared to push back against the barriers your generational membership may set up against you. How Millenial Are You? Since that time the Pew Research Center has published a 14 item quiz that will tell [...]


Capable and Becoming Engaged

I met with a student this week who is contemplating transferring to another university at the end of the semester. I serve on the University’s retention committee so I spent some time getting a sense of what factors were in play for him as he contemplates transferring.  I wanted to talk with him for two [...]


Planning Horizons

How far out do you plan? The day? The week? Until Spring Break? End of the Semester? Graduation? Five Years? Ten Years? Retirement? You should have plans for each of those horizons. Certainly some will be better formed than others but you must have a sense of where you are going long term to inform [...]


Attend. Participate. Lead.

Employers are looking for well balanced individuals who can articulate their worth using a variety of experiences to highlight and explain their credentials and knowledge. College is a great opportunity for personal exploration and development.  Take advantage of the opportunities available to you now to set yourself on a path of personal success and development. [...]


What Stories Will People Tell About You?

I’m in Louisville this week staying at the Seelbach Hotel – a 4-diamond luxury hotel built in 1905 – for a conference.  From the time I was picked up at the airport, I’ve been hearing about the rich history and legacy of the hotel from hotel staff. From the shuttle driver, I learned the hotel [...]



There are situations that call for a little extra effort. There are situations that will be fine with a just good enough approach.  And there are situations where you will need to cut your losses and move on. The Extra Effort This past Saturday, Pierre Garcon, an Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, made the extra effort [...]


Your Story

Would you have a personal brand without Facebook or Twitter? This question was posed by Hajj Flemings on Twitter last week, and it got me thinking.  Facebook and Twitter are really just communication tools. Strip away the polished delivery methods to tell me about your brand and what’s left? That’s your brand. Not the flash [...]



The other day, I was playing a card game on my ipod.  At the end of the game, I recognized a choice I made in the finishing sequence that didn’t allow me to complete the game.  When the game ended, I re-started the same game to see if I could finish, knowing full well the [...]


Careers in Student Affairs

What do you want to be when you grow up? You may have heard that question on occasion while growing up.  Had you answered “college student affairs professional,” you would have been in the minority.  But, perhaps now that you’ve spent time in college interacting with student affairs staff members, you may be interested in [...]


Mid-Year Progress Report

It’s that time of year.  The semester is over and people are headed home for the holidays to get a brief reprieve from the college grind.  If you haven’t already received them, your grades will roll in and you’ll have a sense of how well you did academically this semester.  If you were to receive [...]


Think Big!

(Just to give you some context before you begin reading this article, I’ve competed in triathlons and enjoy watching the Tour de France – the biggest professional cycling race of the year.  As such, I follow several members of the cycling and triathlon communities on twitter which is where I found the following story.) Think [...]


Learning from Success and Failure

People succeed all the time. There are blogs, Twitter hashtags, Facebook pages, and news stories all celebrating the monumental successes of the world so they may live on in infamy. Certainly, success implies an exposure to risk – embarrassment, injury, loss – but success is also an invitation to learn and grow. People fail all [...]


How to Be Assertive

At some point in time, you’ll need to be assertive.  The ability to be assertive without coming across as aggressive or offensive will be key to your effectiveness.  Following these steps will lead to assertiveness success. Think Before You Speak Define the issue you want to address. What’s bothering you?  Think about specific actions or [...]


How to Procrastinate

Search Google for how to procrastinate and you’ll find over 800,000 hits. On Amazon, there is actually a 192-page book entitled How to Procrastinate.  You can browse through the Google search or buy the book, but are you really going to get around to doing that?  In this post I’ll share some thoughts on procrastination [...]


Implementing Best Practices

The term ‘best practices’ is used to describe the processes and activities that have been shown in practice to be the most effective. If you are engaged in student organizations or a work setting during your college career, you may eventually hear the term ‘best practices’ and be asked implement them. They may relate to [...]

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