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Graduating Without A Job Offer?

So you’re counting down the days until graduation, marking each day off of the calendar. Although there is the excitement of closing a significant chapter, for some there may be a bit of anxiety about the unknown and what lies ahead. Particularly, for graduates who may not have received a job offer, and feel like [...]


Consider the Total Compensation Package

I am aware that my friends and I are getting older. I am not sure when it happened, but I came to the realization during a conversation with one of my best friends. She was talking about how close she is to becoming fully vested, and what this means for her financial future. Vesting and [...]


How I Can Tell You’re Not Prepared

I’m a huge proponent when it comes to preparing for an interview. I advocate researching the perspective company, creating a set questions, and, if possible, connecting with the recruiter via LinkedIn prior to the interview. Nevertheless, there will still be those individuals who choose to “wing it,” and go into the situation unprepared. As a [...]


How to Dress for the Job You Want

Over the course of my career, I have interviewed applicants wearing business suits, jeans, and even one wearing a bikini top and shorts (It was Florida, what can I say!).  Hopefully, you will agree that I know a thing or two about interviews when I say that the clothes you choose to wear to an [...]


You’ve Heard It Before….Never Burn Bridges

“Never burn bridges” is probably one of the oldest pieces of professional advice. Without a doubt this advice has been given and received countless times, and although so simple, it’s timeless advice, that is so true even today. Six Degrees of Separation During my career with Hyatt, I’ve worked with a number of individuals and [...]


Think Before You Reject a Job Offer

Cue Taylor Swift because this blog needs background music! I had my first candidate rescind their acceptance of an employment offer.  The candidate received an offer of employment, considered the offer, accepted the offer, and almost four weeks later called to tell me that they had changed their mind and was taking back their acceptance.  [...]


The Role of Informal Leaders

Think about the group projects, sports teams, or student organizations that you are active with or have participated with in the past.  Who were the individuals that were not the designated leaders, but had true influence over the group?  These individuals were the informal leaders– were you one of them?  Informal leaders are individuals that [...]


What NOT to do After Receiving an Offer

I’ve often compared recruiting to dating; there are so many similarities that it’s hard not to do so.  Like dating, both parties (recruiter and candidate) want to present themselves in the best light and be equally attractive to each other.  In the beginning, each party is likely seeing other people and the promise of exclusivity [...]


Career Progression: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In the hospitality industry, when responding to guest requests, we’re encouraged to provide an actual measurement of time.  For example, we would tell a guest that their In-Room Dining order will be delivered “within 20-25 minutes” instead of saying “we’ll have it up to you shortly,” because each guest values their time differently and each [...]


I Listen to the Things You Say

As a recruiter for Hyatt’s College Programs, I interview a fair amount of students each year for both internships and management trainee roles. When you have only a short amount of time to determine if a candidate is right for a role with your organization, you listen intently to every word that is said. There [...]


Moving On After a Disappointing Internship

The majority of the students who interned with Hyatt this summer really exceeded my expectations and I was quite pleased to read so much positive feedback on their evaluations.  Although it was great to see so many of them be declared “superstars”, there were a few who had less than successful internship experiences. I’m sure [...]


Should your Social Media Profiles be Connected?

I love Twitter!  It’s probably my favorite social network.  I have Twitter searches set up for each of the schools that I recruit at for Corporate Management Trainees and Interns.  This is one of the ways I stay connected to what is going on at each university. The Scenario It’s through one of these searches [...]


Wrapping Up Your Internship

With the arrival of August comes the final weeks of summer and for many students the final weeks of their internships.  Although it’s easy to get caught up in the countdown of days remaining until you return home or are back on campus, here’s a few items for you to accomplish before wrapping up your [...]


Effort: A Simple Tool to Strengthen Any Relationship

Recently I tried an exercise class for the first time.  I had a little bit of “new student anxiety,” but the instructor was welcoming and friendly. Although the class was comprised of both new and returning students, our instructor made a point to know each student’s name and addressed us by name when offering encouragement [...]


I Promise, It’s Okay

My brother and I are 12 years apart in age.  I started college the year he started kindergarten, and this year, I will celebrate my twelfth anniversary with Hyatt while he enters the working world as a recent college graduate.  It’s a challenge being both a recruiter and a big sister because I don’t want [...]

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