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Save a Screw Up from Spiraling

Uh oh. You look at the email again, re-reading it to make sure you understood it right. Your stomach drops, your palms get sweaty, and all of a sudden your eyes are the size of saucers. Before you silently start letting out every obscenity you can imagine, the truth sinks in: you screwed up. Before [...]


Crush Conflict through Compromise

Conflict happens. To everyone. It may be personal, it may be professional, it may be internal–but it happens and there’s no way around it. There are a few different ways to deal with conflict: convince the other person you’re right, be convinced that the other person is right, agree to disagree and move on, or [...]


Putting the I in Influence

Some people seem to always get their way, or at least is seems that way, doesn’t it? Call it luck, call it chance, call it being in the right place at the right time, but it happens. Before you chalk it up to an uncontrollable force, consider their ability to influence. Influence is one of [...]


Will You Like Your New Job?

Whether it’s your first job or you’re making a career switch or just switching roles because you want something different, how do you know you’ll like your new job? You don’t. You may think you’re going to like your new job, and end up hating it. You might dread a forced change into a new role, [...]


Why I Wish I Couldn’t Sleep on Planes

I fly, a lot. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m some sort of jet-setter. And I am–I’ve been on a plane at least once a month since April 2010. And according to foursquare, I’ve checked in at my local airport over 40 times (which seems a little low actually). When [...]


Your Resume Has 6 Seconds to Shine

There was a recent article, “What Recruiters Look At During the 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume“, that put together a heat map that tracked the eye movements of 30 recruiters. Pretty interesting article — but what I’m here to share with you today is the 6 basic things you should absolutely, positively, without [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 3)

I started off by introducing some of the newer ways employers are using social networks in my first post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1). In my next post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2), I gave you some tips on what you can do with your profiles and networks to get [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2)

So you’re all signed up, now what? My last post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1), was dedicated to introducing some of the newer ways companies are opening themselves up by sharing the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now that you have the basics, let’s move on to what else you can [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1)

I’m a sucker for stories with a happy ending. You know, those feel-good moments where the underdog wins, or the look in the eye when the good guy prevails: I love them all, and then some too. Here’s my most recent “happy ending” story: Last week I heard that one of the veterans who attended [...]


What’s Your Purpose?

I just got back from a wonderful long weekend in NYC, where I saw the Sunday matinee of Avenue Q. After the show, I was left with one thought: what’s my purpose? Avenue Q is about a recent college graduate who moves to NYC with a job in hand and moves onto Avenue Q, the [...]


Change: Fight it or Embrace it?

This week, the Oregon members of my organization within HR had a big moment: we moved. Normally, I’m pretty adaptable and do well with change. But I found myself having some apprehension and anxiety about the new move–and it’s only the first day. There are two ways to approach change that you can’t influence or [...]


Those who Read, Lead

True or false? I say true. People who read tend to know more, are more articulate and have stronger interpretative skills than those who do not. Reading is a way for you to learn and grow and challenge ideas and notions. It exposes you to different perspectives, it teaches you about different subjects, and it’s [...]


How Do You Say Thank You?

In a recent conversation with a friend, we started talking about how the notion of sending a thank you card is almost extinct or only a small subset of people send thank yous nowadays (excusing wedding thank yous, though those are starting to feel a little impersonal too.) So why am I telling you this? [...]


Goals or Resolutions? Personal or Professional? Both?

Raise your hand if you thought 2011 flashed by quicker than a blink of the eye? (For the record: both of my hands and my legs are in the air. How do I do that and still manage to type? I’m just that talented.) I felt like it was just yesterday that I was wishing [...]


Home for the Holidays

Can you believe it’s almost the end of December? Time has FLOWN by! I have no idea where this year went. Seriously. As holiday parties kick off, classes wrap up, and the holiday spirit and cheer takes over; don’t let your job hunt take a backseat. (Actually, you can take a break from actually applying–everyone [...]

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