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To Post or Not to Post

A group of friends from back home and I have an email chain going. We all have different backgrounds, are on different career paths and some of us live in different cities and countries. What we have in common though is our friendship, our desire for intellectual (and not-so-intellectual) conversation and healthy debate. This week [...]


Dating and Interviewing–They’re More Similar than You’d Think

Sweaty palms, butterflies in my stomach, and incessantly checking and rechecking the time, my hair and my teeth: either I’m going on a date or going to a job interview. As opposite as it might seem, first dates and job interviews have more in common than you’d think.  What are you going to wear? Who [...]


Friending or Following your Coworkers Online?

Your decision will be based on your personal social media habits, the culture and environment of your company, and possibly your job role and function. As someone who works at Intel, in a social media capacity within recruiting (I’m the tweep behind the @LifeatIntel account this week!) , and uses social networks extensively to keep in touch with [...]


Three Lessons over Three Years

I’m taking a different approach today: I recently celebrated my third Intel-versary and I want to share what I’ve learned. It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first day of work…and then celebrating my first year at Intel. With Intel’s support, I’ve developed personally (crossing things off my bucket list, from running [...]


Recognition: How Do You Do It?

Who doesn’t like being rewarded for good work? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Reward and recognition is key to building employee morale and an environment where hard work is appreciated. But like they say, it is better to give than to receive, right? What’s your preferred way of being recognized for your great [...]


What’s Your Email Style?

I get a lot of emails: for work, for personal, and let’s not even start with subscriptions or spam. My inbox is made up of emails from friends, family, co-workers, vendors–a whole range of different people. And all of these folks come from different parts of the world, use different fonts and different colors and [...]


Career Fair Tips

Looking back to my college days, there were 3 SUPER busy times of the year: finals week, the week before dance competitions (I was on a competitive dance team), and recruiting season. Now that I’m working, I have no idea when finals or dance competitions are, but as part of the Staffing team at Intel, [...]


Failure is an Option

“Tell me about a time that you failed to reach your goal.” That can be one of the trickiest questions to be asked during a job interview. But to employers (and to yourself), it can be one of the most important. As much as I’d love for it to be, life isn’t all rainbows and [...]


More than Just a Name

I work for a multinational company on a team where I regularly have early morning and late night meetings in order to partner with my teammates around the world. A lot of our work is done over the phone, through sharing desktops virtually and over email. At first it felt awkward and clunky to work [...]


Pause for More than Just Emphasis

Pausing for emphasis is done to bring attention to a point or drama to a moment. But pausing can do more than that. A pause is essentially a break- one that can be used for different things. A pause lets your audience digest what you just shared with them. It gives you a moment to [...]


Wrapping Up Your Summer Internship

August is a bittersweet month–it means that summer is coming to a close but it also means that you’ll soon be reunited with friends for another school year. You just spent your summer working hard, and I don’t mean on your tan: I’m talking about the summer internship that took up most of your time. [...]


Bring Work to Play

I recently got my SCUBA diving license. Yes, me, the girl who was terrified to swim in the ocean because of the risk of being swept away by a current or stepping on a creepy crawly creature that would bite my little pinky toe off. I’m a proud PADI diver now and I could not [...]


Googled Yourself Lately?

Have you ever Googled yourself? I just did and found 69, 300 results in 0.27 seconds. (Sejal and Patel are both pretty common names.) When I add a small detail such as the company I work for, the University I attended or even a food that I’m obsessed with and often include in tweets, my [...]


Ready Your Resume

Resume writing is not fun. It is a long and sometimes painful process that requires many reviews, many drafts, and trying out different formats. As someone who works in HR, many of my non-HR friends will send me their resume and ask me to give them a tip or two: I’ll do better and give [...]


Finding Your Best Company to Work For

Last week, FORTUNE Magazine came out with it’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. It’s a pretty big honor for a company to be included in this list. (Intel made it again this year, rising from #98 last year to #51 this year which we’re pretty psyched about!) Any company that is at least [...]

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