Blogging Your Brand: Some Useful Resources

Looking for a way to develop your personal brand, share your knowledge on a given topic or connect with others that have similar interests? Blogging’s your answer. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to start developing a body of content that exhibits your expertise in any given field. You can start a blog in a matter of seconds, and there are plenty of resources out there to help make your blog stand out. In our video, we discuss how to go about starting a blog, and some of the options you have for content. You can find even more tips for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert bloggers on Personal Branding Blog.

In the video , we discuss listening in on conversations, where to create your own blog, and types of content you might want to create. Below are some resources you might find helpful!:

Reading what’s out there:

Technorati- great directory for finding blogs on any topic

Blog Catalog- tracks trending topics across blogs in directory

Google Reader- a great way to organize the RSS feeds of blogs you read

Twitter Search- monitor conversations in real-time on topics of interest, find other people interested in similar subjects

Where to create a blog

Tumblr- simple, clean and easy to use; customizable themes and a built-in community of bloggers

Blogger- offered by Google, and works seamlessly with other Google products to allow for mixed media content

WordPress- allows for wider functionality through more control over content; great if you have a little experience with advanced content management systems (though you can even use it if you’ve never blogged before); large developer and blogger community

Weebly- set up a Web site with an accompanying blog for free

Posterous- another simple blogging site that makes it easy and quick to post anything through email

Creating content

Audacity- free audio editing software

YouTube- great for hosting videos and building community

Vimeo- free high-quality video uploads

Ustream- livestream a show and hold a chat alongside

Handbrake- free tool for converting videos (Mac)

WinFF- free tool for converting videos (Windows)

Flickr- free resource for uploading photos

Imgur- incredibly simple image sharer

Motionbox- upload and edit videos for free

Have some tools we should add to the list? Send them our way at!

Thanks, and be sure to email us with any questions or thoughts!

-Erica and Derek

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