Boost Your Brand with Physical Fitness

This weekend, I ran the longest distance I’ve ever run. It was four miles, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve never been an athlete, and I’ve never considered myself athletic. However, I take my health seriously (most of the time), and I try to be active in order to maintain my health. Actually, when I was out on said four-mile run, I saw my boss. We regularly talk about running, biking, and hiking. It’s an interest we definitely share.

This is one way in which my active lifestyle benefits my professional image. With the beautiful weather that summer brings, give your brand a boost by getting active.

Value wellness.

When you take good care of yourself, it enables you to take good care of others. In a work situation, this makes you a good colleague and team player. To be healthy is to show respect for your body and mind. Just as I prefer working with people that give consideration to others (something community service might indicate), I would prefer to work with people who show respect to others. It’s hard to do that if you don’t first respect yourself.

Kick stress to the curb.

Almost any advice you read about eliminating or reducing stress is bound to bring up physical activity. For me, going for a run or walk helps me clear my head. I’ve had conversations with students, parents, and employers regarding students’ ability to balance a variety of demands. When you have classes, studying, an internship, maybe a part-time job, and, of course, a social life, you need to learn how to take control of stress and squash it. Carve out time for physical activity to help keep stress in check.

Have fun.

A lot of sports and similar activities are just plain fun. A co-worker and I went for a hike together last fall, and we had a great time. It’s fun to share interests with the people you work with, and it can open up opportunities to enjoy those activities together. A lot of activities can easily be social.

Plus, consider how sports integrate into networking situations. Golf is one of those typical activities. If you like more competitive endeavors, like tennis or golf, keep things light and just enjoy some downtime with your colleagues.

What if you’re not very active right now? Get out there and get moving! Go for an after-dinner walk with your roommate. Take up a new sport as part of your fall schedule.

Most universities offer physical education courses. For example, I took golf my senior year of college. It was something I had always wanted to learn, but I never had the time or opportunity to get out there. Taking a PE class in college is much more fun than in grade school or high school (at least in my experience), it provides a nice break in your week, and you can learn something that can benefit your life in numerous ways.

Now it’s time for me to wrap up this post and head out for an evening walk. Hope to see you out there!

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