Bootstrap Yourself for Global Mobility – Part II

How to bootstrap for Global Mobility

21st Century Skills - Building relevant skills is the first step to get started on this journey. A more globally accepted Skills Framework is the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. The elements described as “21st century student outcomes” (represented by the rainbow) are the skills, knowledge and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21stcentury.

Global Projects - Global Student Forum is also one such organization that helps enable school students to critically explore contemporary development issues and their role as global citizens.  In doing so the expectation is that there will be changes in their knowledge, attitudes and actions and that they will be empowered to work towards a more just and sustainable world for everyone.

Global Culture - Get Globe Smart ! It is a great web based tool that helps understand the local cultures in different countries as you build work and personal relationships. You can also take a quick self assessment available on Globe Smart and can look for Global Advice. You could also take it a level up by sharing your profile and comparing it with colleagues and friends.

Global Profile - Having a Global Profile is the last mile effort to show case all of the above competencies, skills and experiences together. Choose a social platform that helps you connect and build relationships with Global Employers. There are existing social platforms like BraveNewTalent that helps integrate and build a Global Profile pulled across social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace etc.

Take Your Brand to Market

Talent Communities is the marketplace of the future where Employers would come out to engage, build relationships, educate and hire from. This has become a reality with many employers like Unilever, Microsoft, Deluxe Corporation, Auto Desk to name a few who have built Talent Communities.

Social Recruiting is enabling this change through technology to align your interests, leverage the power of your connections, communicate your Talent Brand and proactively learn and engage with Employer Brands that match with yours.

If you are not in this Talent Community marketplace, your Student Brand is not known.

Get Known now!


Dheeraj has been a Community and Organization Builder and has successfully led transformational startups like Andale Inc. in India and also led large Global Enterprise Services teams in technology majors like Symantec Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. In his most recent role, he was heading the education business segment at Microsoft – India. He is currently innovating as Managing Director – BraveNewTalent a Web 2.0 technology platform company into building Talent Communities for Employers to attract, engage, educate and socially recruit Gen Y talent. He was awarded by Microsoft with a MVP Award for Management Excellence for his contributions in strategic thinking and deployment of Management Development initiatives and building the Community for Management Excellence.

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