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College Admission Officers Check Social Media, Too!

Everyone knows that social media  are pretty much universal at this point. Nonetheless, those of us who use digital technology on a daily basis may even be surprised at how much – and how quickly – that use has grown. Social Media Can Hurt Your College Bid In 2006, only 15% of high school students [...]


Top 5 Items to List in Your Scholarship Essay

It’s true that higher education costs are climbing. However, scholarships can make it easier to pay for college. Finding and applying for scholarships takes creativity and dedication, and the process is often rigorous and competitive. But by highlighting just a handful of factors on your scholarship essay, you can ace the all-important first step: submitting [...]


How to Get Into Professional School

As I just matriculated this fall at the UMKC School of Dentistry, I figured now is the best time to write about this subject. Having just gone through the all the steps involved, I’m fresh, and feel like I have some advice that could help others achieve their dreams so I want to pass it [...]


Who is Invested in YOUR Success?

Since my last post here I’ve had a lot of changes in my career, all for the better. This got me thinking about how some of these new opportunities came my way and I thought that might make a good post. A personal brand isn’t just about starting a blog, posting on twitter, and updating your [...]


A Career Navigation System

Last week, I had to travel across the state to pick up a purchase. Since it was dark, I had to use a navigation system instead of the printed directions I had brought–this made me a bit uncomfortable because I wanted to be able to see where I was going. While on my drive, I was [...]


What’s Your Purpose?

I just got back from a wonderful long weekend in NYC, where I saw the Sunday matinee of Avenue Q. After the show, I was left with one thought: what’s my purpose? Avenue Q is about a recent college graduate who moves to NYC with a job in hand and moves onto Avenue Q, the [...]


Rejection – It’s Not Personal

As job seekers, we all have one thing in common–at one point or another, we will all be rejected. When I was right out of college, I really wanted to work for this local company that was world-renowned for its jewelry. I imagined myself getting an employee discount and being able to present all my [...]


Social Honesty: Do What You Say and Say What You Do!

“I think if all of you are co-workers with me and we’re all connected on LinkedIn, I have less wiggle room to be creative on a resume… [T]he transparency of it will keep candidates honest.” Kris Dunn Social Media has significantly shifted the nuclei of reputation from a limited circle to all those who are [...]


A Brand Keepsake

Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve written a letter to myself at the beginning of the year that I didn’t allow myself to open until New Year’s Eve that same year. I write about everything going on in my life–from future career dreams (travel show host) to personal thoughts and ambitions (seeing a [...]


I found a list of scholarships, any advice on how to win them?

In my last post, I explained some Easy Tips for Finding College Scholarships. So, now that you know where to find the scholarships, you need to begin the actual application process. I find that students are often conditioned not to apply for scholarships because they believe they won’t get an award. I want to dispel [...]


Easy Tips for Finding College Scholarships

Are you worried about how you’ll pay for college next semester or even next year? Many students share this worry. But did you know that websites like provide access to more than 2,300 scholarships that total in more than $3 billion in aid? The numbers are staggering. What’s even more important to know, is [...]



Georgetown University recently researched the job projections and education requirements from 2007 through 2018. Read their Help Wanted summary from the Center on Education and the Workforce. It’s stated, in the Executive Summary section, that “America is slowly coming out of the Recession of 2007—only to find itself on a collision course with the future: [...]


College Admissions 2.0: Video Essay on YouTube

A couple of weeks ago the Boston Globe reported that Tufts University, where I am employed as a career counselor, invited prospective students to include a 1-minute video essay with their application for admission to the class of 2014.  In “A Fresh Pitch on ‘U’ Tube” Globe Staffer Tracy Jan notes that of the 15,436 students who applied to [...]


Capable and Becoming Engaged

I met with a student this week who is contemplating transferring to another university at the end of the semester. I serve on the University’s retention committee so I spent some time getting a sense of what factors were in play for him as he contemplates transferring.  I wanted to talk with him for two [...]


The S’s in Stress: Senioritis and Sophomore Slump

It’s that time of year again: You’re not feeling well.  Little energy.  No motivation.  Can’t get out of bed.  Want to sleep all day.   You feel like you’re coming down with something.  Sure, it could be the flu or simply a cold, but look more closely and you may find there is something else brewing. [...]

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