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On-Campus Jobs: Benefits of Office Work

Ready or not, the new school year is right around the corner and it’s time to start getting ready. In addition to school supplies and dorm/apartment furnishings, an on-campus job should be on your list of things to find (if you don’t already have a job). While internships get the bulk of our attention, on-campus [...]


Did I Choose the Wrong Career? Help!

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha For some people, choosing a career is easy. For as long as they can remember, they always wanted to be a chef or a doctor or a teacher or a police officer. But, for others, [...]


Learn to Appreciate Your Own Brand

I just returned from my summer vacation to California. It was great to be away and to take a short break from work before the fall semester begins. While I enjoyed my vacation, I was glad to get home. This summer, I learned that vacations can do two different things: they can help you appreciate [...]


Dreaming the Dream – Part 1

Let’s talk about career dreams.  In part one, we will explore what it takes to pursue our dreams.  Then, in part two, we will give the pursuit a bit of context with a slight reality check.  One of my favorite movies is A Knights Tale (2001 Columbia Pictures).  The movie is about a young peasant, [...]


Your Graduate Brand, a Major Decision

Many of you may have just finished “walking” at your graduation. Your friends and family were there for your big moment. Congratulations! What’s next? The economy is tough, no? Many of you are deciding between entering the job market or going to graduate school. For those of you who decide to go to graduate school, [...]


Where Do Majors Meet Careers?

“What is the best major?” This is one of the most common questions I get from college students these days. When I ask them what they mean by “best,” they usually clarify that by saying, “the one that pays the most.” Given today’s economy, this is not surprising. What is surprising is the expression on [...]


Professional Organizations on Campus can Launch Your Career

At the beginning of your college career, you probably arrived on campus excited about the adventure before you – ready to take on the academic challenge, eager to make new friends and anxious to check out the nightlife. But now that things have settled down, you realize that you’re doing more than “just going to [...]


Navigating Your Career: I’m a Junior, What’s Next?

Note: This is the third post of a four-part series to help college students ensure their marketability in the industry upon graduation. Part two focused on what steps students need to take in their sophomore year. Now that you are a college junior, graduation almost seems to be within reach. You’re starting to realize that [...]


Navigating Your Career: I Am a Freshman. Where Do I Start?

Note: This is the first post in a four-part series to help college students ensure their marketability in the industry upon graduation. Traditionally, most students don’t start to think about their future career until close to their third year of college. But, times have changed. Today’s competitive marketplace almost requires that students begin planning and [...]


It’s OK to Take a Class You Don’t Hate

About an hour ago, my friend asked me, via telephone, what was on my agenda for the rest of the day. “Not much,” I said. The air was off in the office, so I decided that working at Starbucks would be more fun than marinating in my own sweat. Quick aside–when you’re overheated, coffee isn’t the [...]


Student Branding Interview: Heather Krasna on Public Service Careers

Many students aspire to help others, commit to a cause, or give back to society, but they know little about how to approach those goals in a career. What careers are available? How do you find a good fit? How do you land a great job in public service? In June 2010, Heather Krasna, Director [...]


Study Abroad

Greetings from Getxo, Spain! I am spending the first three weeks of June teaching International Management through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in Bilbao, Spain, and four weeks from late June through July teaching International Organizational Behavior in London through the University of Nevada, Reno.  Although the program is officially in Bilbao, all students [...]


Great Research Sites for Students

Many students may dread the hours of research that writing papers every semester requires. However, if you know where to look, the process could get much faster and easier. If you are a student, your should have access to academic journals through your library, but it is still good to know a few outside sources. [...]


How and Why to Impress Your Instructors

In my last article, “Building Your Brand in Class,” I suggested that one of the ways you can build your brand in class is to earn the respect and recommendation of your instructor.  I have written letters of recommendation for some of my students that made them look very impressive. When I do that, I [...]


New Semester Resolution #1: Get Your Professors to Know You

There are hundreds of things students can do to “turn over a new leaf” for the  approaching semester. In college, I went through my laundry list at the start of almost every new semester: “Go to every class, join student organizations, volunteer, maintain a strict study schedule, etc….”. Did I ever do EVERYTHING? No. But [...]

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