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So You Haven’t Had an Internship Yet…

You shouldn’t need to have a previous internship to land a future one.  Believe it or not, there are companies out there that require students to have experienced an internship before they can receive one within their walls. The whole point of an internship is to get your foot in the door and experience something [...]


Midterms, Interviews and Preemptive Fun

It happens about this time every semester – grad students hunker down for midterms, group projects, interviews, leadership roles, and extracurricular activities – all important elements for a commanding GPA and desirable resume. But something has to go to make time – and the first thing to go is FUN. Let me tell you why [...]


How to Flunk an Interview and Drive your Career Services Advisor Crazy

Want to drive a Career Services professional crazy? Just register for workshops – and then don’t show up. This is easily the most frequent complaint at any industry gathering. Many of my peers see “no-shows” as exhibiting a lack of respect or entitlement. But I see it in a different way – I see it [...]


7 Steps to Finding a Great Mentor

As a new graduate starting a new career, it might be helpful to find a mentor to help you navigate your new role. Mentors can be a great resource of industry knowledge, a contact with numerous connections in your field and an incredible role model to show you what success looks like in your future [...]


Help! My College Doesn’t Have a Career Center!

It is the stuff of a career horror tale.  You attend a small college without a career center.  Employers do not visit your campus to recruit.  It is mid-October, and you graduate in May with a substantial amount of student loan debt.  Do not fear! This tale of woe is not insurmountable.  The web is [...]


Student Personal Branding: Beyond the Basics

Personal branding is a concept that many more college students are adopting. “Get out there, be social,” “Clean up your image, employers are looking at Facebook before hiring.” Most advice about how to create a strong personal brand while in college focuses on the obvious, things like: Don’t post compromising pictures, don’t write profanity, carefully [...]


Evaluating Job Offers: Salaries aren’t Everything

Whether you’re a soon-to-be college graduate seeking your first job or an experienced job hunter, it’s important to remember that salaries are not the only thing to consider when a job offer comes your way. While the salary itself will be important in maintaining the lifestyle that you’re accustomed to, there are other factors to [...]


Resumes – Gangnam Style!

You (and 520 million other people) have watched the video on YouTube, making “Gangnam Style”  the third most watched video ever. Maybe you can do the “horsey dance” or have seen people ranging from  British Prime Minister David Cameron to  Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt show off the moves.  Who would have predicted a cheesy video from an [...]


How to Get Into Professional School

As I just matriculated this fall at the UMKC School of Dentistry, I figured now is the best time to write about this subject. Having just gone through the all the steps involved, I’m fresh, and feel like I have some advice that could help others achieve their dreams so I want to pass it [...]


Career Fair Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of year– the college career fair circuit is in full effect. One of the goals of the Viacom College Relations team is to spread awareness about our internship program. In the fall, we travel to a variety of college campuses every week to find talented students (like you). It’s always rewarding to [...]


Extracurriculars – Résumé Do or Don’t?

Glee club, sports, debate team– when you were applying to college, these activities could make or break getting you into the school of your choice. But when it comes to job applications do your extracurricular activities hold any merit with employers? The answer is…it depends. Not all employers are going to be impressed with your [...]


Five Keys to Graduate School Success

Starting graduate school can be stressful and intimidating, whether you are just completing your undergraduate work or going back to school after a period of time in the ‘real world’. To combat this feeling of uncertainty, I have found that students are likely to be happier and more successful if they focus their efforts. Here [...]


Time Management: Learn a Lesson from the Rooster

It is o’ early thirty.  The sun still isn’t over the horizon, and I can hear the roosters crowing off in the distance.  I am sitting out on my back deck trying to get some work done before the world gets busy.  Crazy you say..? ——— The Great Time Squeeze College will be back in [...]


Finding a Rewarding Career with a Two-Year Degree

In today’s economy, paying for college can be a burden on some students and their families. So, with the vision of four years’ worth of student loans staring them in the face, these students may decide to forget about college and look for a job instead. However, there are many lucrative careers out there that [...]


Preparing for Fall Semester: Build Your Skills with Electives

Whether you’re working towards a bachelor’s degree in business, food management, fine arts, or anything in between, you likely have some elective credits to fill each semester. While you might think that this is a great place to drop in that easy class to lighten your load, you also may want to consider a more [...]

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