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What to Take to an Interview

Many people approach interviews as if they were interrogations where the interviewer grills the poor applicant to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. So the interviewee will typically go to the meeting having memorized answers to tons of questions as well as information about the company and the position, questions to ask, etc. [...]


Career Progression: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In the hospitality industry, when responding to guest requests, we’re encouraged to provide an actual measurement of time.  For example, we would tell a guest that their In-Room Dining order will be delivered “within 20-25 minutes” instead of saying “we’ll have it up to you shortly,” because each guest values their time differently and each [...]


The Five Commandments of Job Searching

In the current employment climate, landing a job may feel like a task that can only be achieved through divine intervention. But if relying on a wing and a prayer isn’t part of your job pursuit, then here are five employment commandments to help you get to the occupational pearly gates. Thou shalt not be [...]


Should You Be Looking for Jobs or Interviews?

You’re counting down the months to graduation. But instead of doing a happy dance, you’re doing the limbo. You know those awkward months where it’s too early to apply for full-time jobs while biding time for your coveted diploma. It’s a challenging position. Most organizations aren’t willing to hedge their bets for seven to nine [...]


I Listen to the Things You Say

As a recruiter for Hyatt’s College Programs, I interview a fair amount of students each year for both internships and management trainee roles. When you have only a short amount of time to determine if a candidate is right for a role with your organization, you listen intently to every word that is said. There [...]


Superday Season is Here!

For anyone out there who does not know what a Superday is, I should first explain. In the world of Wall Street, a Superday is like a rite of passage. It typically includes an entire day of back to back interviews meeting with 6-8 different bankers to be drilled on your finance know-how. Sounds fun, [...]


Always an Intern, Never an Employee

“What do you plan on doing in the future?” I asked an interviewee. “I think I am going to go back and get another internship,” she replied excitedly. The interviewee had been an intern three times prior, yet her goal was to snag another internship. It makes me wonder: When do internships begin to hurt [...]


Extracurriculars – Résumé Do or Don’t?

Glee club, sports, debate team– when you were applying to college, these activities could make or break getting you into the school of your choice. But when it comes to job applications do your extracurricular activities hold any merit with employers? The answer is…it depends. Not all employers are going to be impressed with your [...]


You’re a Great Student… But No One Hires Students

You’ve just left your old-school career center with a brand new resume. According to the advice you received, the resume is “perfect”. You’ve listed your GPA, relevant course work, the class assignments you’re most proud of – and, of course, your well-thought-out objective statement. You can’t lose, right? And yet  after graduation, you can’t get [...]


Start Off Your Career on the Right Foot

As the manager of Viacom’s Internship Program, I’ve been able to witness hundreds of students’ first steps – literally. I’ve witnessed their first steps into our building, as well as their first steps into a possible career.  Often, employees forget that this may be a student’s first time interning or working in a major corporation. [...]


Your Resume: Clone or a Genuine Original?

Ah, so many career experts… all ready to impart their wisdom. And, seemingly, all ready to make you and your career fit into some kind of template, for no other reason than convenience – theirs, or yours. This is not a new trend, of course. It has always been easiest to build a template and [...]


Does Your Resume Show The Top 7 Soft Skills?

We’ve talked many times about the importance of tailoring your career collateral to every single application – and how adding this one element to your job hunt strategy can lead to a huge increase in interviews. Did you know, however, that there are personal attributes that should always be present – regardless of the job [...]


The Truth About Cover Letters

One of the most common questions I get from young job seekers is “Should I submit a cover letter with my résumé?” Well, the answer is that it depends. If the job posting specifically requests a cover letter, then by all means submit one. However, if there’s no request, spend your efforts on tailoring your [...]


Should your Social Media Profiles be Connected?

I love Twitter!  It’s probably my favorite social network.  I have Twitter searches set up for each of the schools that I recruit at for Corporate Management Trainees and Interns.  This is one of the ways I stay connected to what is going on at each university. The Scenario It’s through one of these searches [...]


How to Be Best in Class at Career Fairs

Changing leaves. Profiles. Business suits. When I was a college student, the approach of fall always signified two things: fashion week and career fairs. Both events culminate into a speed dating frenzy of individuals competing for the attention of top industries to buy into their talent. So how do you stand out in the cattle [...]

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