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How to Flunk an Interview and Drive your Career Services Advisor Crazy

Want to drive a Career Services professional crazy? Just register for workshops – and then don’t show up. This is easily the most frequent complaint at any industry gathering. Many of my peers see “no-shows” as exhibiting a lack of respect or entitlement. But I see it in a different way – I see it [...]


Tried and True Interview Advice

Viacom recently began our spring internship recruitment and interview process. Each member of the College Relations team holds around ten to fifteen interviews a day with internship candidates. That’s a lot of interviews! We wanted to compile a list of “Interview Prep” tips because after all it’s all about how you prepare. Whether you are [...]


Should You Be Looking for Jobs or Interviews?

You’re counting down the months to graduation. But instead of doing a happy dance, you’re doing the limbo. You know those awkward months where it’s too early to apply for full-time jobs while biding time for your coveted diploma. It’s a challenging position. Most organizations aren’t willing to hedge their bets for seven to nine [...]


Resumes – Gangnam Style!

You (and 520 million other people) have watched the video on YouTube, making “Gangnam Style”  the third most watched video ever. Maybe you can do the “horsey dance” or have seen people ranging from  British Prime Minister David Cameron to  Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt show off the moves.  Who would have predicted a cheesy video from an [...]


How to Get Into Professional School

As I just matriculated this fall at the UMKC School of Dentistry, I figured now is the best time to write about this subject. Having just gone through the all the steps involved, I’m fresh, and feel like I have some advice that could help others achieve their dreams so I want to pass it [...]


I Listen to the Things You Say

As a recruiter for Hyatt’s College Programs, I interview a fair amount of students each year for both internships and management trainee roles. When you have only a short amount of time to determine if a candidate is right for a role with your organization, you listen intently to every word that is said. There [...]


Superday Season is Here!

For anyone out there who does not know what a Superday is, I should first explain. In the world of Wall Street, a Superday is like a rite of passage. It typically includes an entire day of back to back interviews meeting with 6-8 different bankers to be drilled on your finance know-how. Sounds fun, [...]


Do You Find Your Work Meaningful?

Why should we be engaged in our work? Because it makes us happy. It also makes us and our employers more successful.  Ryan Scott, technology entrepreneur and founder of Causecast asserts that being “engaged means feeling passion for your job and a corresponding feeling of commitment.” Engaged employees are driven to look for meaning in their [...]


Personal Branding: A Promise You Keep

With all the buzz around personal branding, there seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between “marketing” and “branding” – and why that difference can make or break your attempt to create a positive first impression. Simply put: Marketing is what you want people to think about you… regardless of reality Branding is a [...]


How to Make your Interview Matter

If there is one moment in the hiring process that makes most people extremely nervous, it’s those last few minutes before walking into an interview. In that moment, your desire to succeed meets with the anxiety of talking with an unknown interviewer – it’s a recipe for major butterflies, and sweaty palms. But this moment [...]


Beyond Your Major: Building Transferable Skills

As a college student, you’re likely focused on taking classes specific to your major. You’re eager to learn about your chosen career field and ready to master the skills required to find a job after graduation. While this is all extremely important, you should also consider another area called “transferable skills.” Transferable skills are a [...]


My Love/Hate Relationship with Being “Open”

I’m going to admit it.  I have a love/hate relationship with the word “open.”  I know hate is a strong word and I’ve been told that the opposite of love is actually indifference, but depending upon the day and the situation, my feelings for the word “open” are much stronger than indifference.  I sometimes actually [...]


Your Resume Has 6 Seconds to Shine

There was a recent article, “What Recruiters Look At During the 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume“, that put together a heat map that tracked the eye movements of 30 recruiters. Pretty interesting article — but what I’m here to share with you today is the 6 basic things you should absolutely, positively, without [...]


Conquering Your Jabberwocky – Part II

Recently we followed Alice down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.  This week, we are going to apply some lessons learned from Alice, particularly how to move past our fears. The Jabberwocky is an appropriate analogy for our fears.  It has “jaws that bite,” which could be construed as words that pierce our psyche and wound [...]


Job Rejection…..Until We Meet Again

In the world of campus recruiting, it’s likely that a recruiter will see a student multiple times.  Between interviews, professional functions, and on-campus recruiting efforts, a student could have several interactions with the same recruiter. Depending upon the outcome of these interactions, seeing a recruiter again may or may not be an experience a student [...]

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