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The Truth About Cover Letters

One of the most common questions I get from young job seekers is “Should I submit a cover letter with my résumé?” Well, the answer is that it depends. If the job posting specifically requests a cover letter, then by all means submit one. However, if there’s no request, spend your efforts on tailoring your [...]


Personal Branding: A Promise You Keep

With all the buzz around personal branding, there seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between “marketing” and “branding” – and why that difference can make or break your attempt to create a positive first impression. Simply put: Marketing is what you want people to think about you… regardless of reality Branding is a [...]


Should your Social Media Profiles be Connected?

I love Twitter!  It’s probably my favorite social network.  I have Twitter searches set up for each of the schools that I recruit at for Corporate Management Trainees and Interns.  This is one of the ways I stay connected to what is going on at each university. The Scenario It’s through one of these searches [...]


No Summer Internship? No Problem!

Greetings to you all! I’d like to thank Michele Posehn for all of contributions to the Student Branding Blog and for her introduction as she passed the Sodexo baton to me in her last post. I look forward to sharing career advice and job hunting strategies with you! As we move forward together, I welcome [...]


Build Relationships to Build a Career

If you’re coming up on graduation, and you’re looking to start your career–this post is for you. If you are a year or more away from graduation, then this post is really for you! Starting and building a career can be a daunting task…that is, unless you invest time and effort upfront to build meaningful [...]


Who is Invested in YOUR Success?

Since my last post here I’ve had a lot of changes in my career, all for the better. This got me thinking about how some of these new opportunities came my way and I thought that might make a good post. A personal brand isn’t just about starting a blog, posting on twitter, and updating your [...]


Mobile Apps Help Job Seekers on the Go

You may be enjoying a cup of coffee as you read this post on your iPad. Or, you may be walking to class and reading it on a smartphone. Either way, it’s evidence that our society is becoming more and more mobile. In fact, it’s estimated that 77% of job seekers are using mobile devices [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 3)

I started off by introducing some of the newer ways employers are using social networks in my first post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1). In my next post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2), I gave you some tips on what you can do with your profiles and networks to get [...]


Are You In My Circle? 5 Reasons Google Plus Is Great for Entrepreneurs

Still wary about committing your precious time to another network? Here are a few reasons it might be beneficial to jump into Google Plus


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2)

So you’re all signed up, now what? My last post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1), was dedicated to introducing some of the newer ways companies are opening themselves up by sharing the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now that you have the basics, let’s move on to what else you can [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1)

I’m a sucker for stories with a happy ending. You know, those feel-good moments where the underdog wins, or the look in the eye when the good guy prevails: I love them all, and then some too. Here’s my most recent “happy ending” story: Last week I heard that one of the veterans who attended [...]


Why is Google+ a Sweet Spot for Professional Networking?

You’ve probably heard these points of networking advice by now–you need to be on LinkedIn, you need to manage your professional image on Facebook and you should probably be using Twitter more to build your personal brand. If you’re like most students, using all these social networks can be overwhelming.  So the question becomes, “Which [...]


Developing a Vogue Career – Part II

Last week, we talked about Madonna’s continued success and probed the attributes that have contributed to her long and successful career. We went over the first two valuable lessons that we can learn from Madonna on establishing ourselves and remaining relevant (in vogue) throughout our careers: 1) Discovering your talents and 2) Applying your talents. [...]


What’s Your Purpose?

I just got back from a wonderful long weekend in NYC, where I saw the Sunday matinee of Avenue Q. After the show, I was left with one thought: what’s my purpose? Avenue Q is about a recent college graduate who moves to NYC with a job in hand and moves onto Avenue Q, the [...]


Is Your Personal Brand… Personal?

Personal branding should be unique. Personal branding should be remarkable. Personal branding should be… personal. Instead, it seems the goal of most building an online personal brand is working toward neutral, non-confrontational–boring, even. We scrub our Facebook pages, sanitize and corporatize our Linkedin summaries, and make our resumes read like clones of everyone else’s resume. [...]

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