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Want a Career in Criminal Justice? 5 Reasons to Bone Up On Tech

A career in criminal justice used to be relatively straightforward: You went to school to study for a degree in criminology or law; or you joined the police academy; or you took extensive tests to join the FBI or CIA. Those days of relative simplicity are far behind us. Criminal justice — like almost everything [...]


Here’s What You Should Know Before Entering a Helping Profession

If you’ve decided to enter a helping profession, making a real difference in the lives of others is an important life goal for you. That’s great — society needs more people who are ready and willing to dedicate their lives to helping others. But there are things every aspiring teacher, social worker, psychotherapist, or human [...]


How to Find Your Niche and Build a Career You Love

Finding the right career niche is crucial to both your personal happiness and your professional success. But it’s not always easy to find the “sweet spot” where you can translate your passion, goals, values, and strengths into a paycheck. First, you have to spend some time thinking about what’s important to you and what you [...]


5 Fields Where Millennials Can Find Job Security

Even though the unemployment rate is down and the economy is again vibrant, many Americans are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession, which was officially declared over in mid-2009. Young people are still struggling to find good jobs, and job security has dwindled in too many industries. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t [...]


Don’t Let Myths and Misconceptions Hold You Back in Your Social Work Career

Myths and misconceptions about social workers are abundant within the general population, even among those who have never really interacted with social workers before. As a result, aspiring young social workers may carry false beliefs about their chosen profession into their graduate school internships and beyond. Letting go of your misunderstandings about the social work [...]


Want Job Security? Consider a Criminal Justice Career

For most Millennials, job security is something their parents enjoyed, but not something they can hope to obtain for themselves. But that’s not true if you’re one of the many young people interested in a criminal justice career. Job security is still a possibility in the criminal justice field, and so are great benefits. A [...]


Brand Yourself – or be the Next Scumbag Steve

“Brand yourself, or Google will” is wise advice from branding expert Dan Schawbel. Scumbag Steve is a case study of what happens if you don’t. For those unfamiliar with him, Scumbag Steve is a meme gone viral. Entire websites have been created to showcase the best memes – customized captions on a photograph. The crazy [...]


Effort: A Simple Tool to Strengthen Any Relationship

Recently I tried an exercise class for the first time.  I had a little bit of “new student anxiety,” but the instructor was welcoming and friendly. Although the class was comprised of both new and returning students, our instructor made a point to know each student’s name and addressed us by name when offering encouragement [...]


I Promise, It’s Okay

My brother and I are 12 years apart in age.  I started college the year he started kindergarten, and this year, I will celebrate my twelfth anniversary with Hyatt while he enters the working world as a recent college graduate.  It’s a challenge being both a recruiter and a big sister because I don’t want [...]


My Love/Hate Relationship with Being “Open”

I’m going to admit it.  I have a love/hate relationship with the word “open.”  I know hate is a strong word and I’ve been told that the opposite of love is actually indifference, but depending upon the day and the situation, my feelings for the word “open” are much stronger than indifference.  I sometimes actually [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 3)

I started off by introducing some of the newer ways employers are using social networks in my first post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1). In my next post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2), I gave you some tips on what you can do with your profiles and networks to get [...]


Standing Out During a Career Fair

Career Fairs can be challenging and overwhelming for students. At the same time, career fairs are great for students to find internships and permanent positions because there are so many employers in the same place at the same time. In order to ensure that you receive the most value from your career fair experience, consider [...]


Are you learning everything you need to know?

Most students begin college thinking they’ll learn everything they need to know for their future careers in the classrooms on campus. While you’ll gain considerable knowledge learning facts and figures, theories and policies, you’ll also develop critical thinking skills, learn to work in teams, build leadership skills and begin to see the bigger picture as [...]


Tell Me a Memorable Story

Recognizing that recruiters meet a plethora of candidates, it is essential that you maximize your time with them and ensure that you stand out. One of the easiest ways for you to do so is to tell a story during your interview. I know it may sound odd, but trust me–a recruiter may not remember [...]


Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 2)

So you’re all signed up, now what? My last post, Social Networks and Your Job Search (Part 1), was dedicated to introducing some of the newer ways companies are opening themselves up by sharing the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now that you have the basics, let’s move on to what else you can [...]

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