The other day, I was playing a card game on my ipod.  At the end of the game, I recognized a choice I made in the finishing sequence that didn’t allow me to complete the game.  When the game ended, I re-started the same game to see if I could finish, knowing full well the misstep I took and that I could now make the correct card choice.

But, as I progressed through the second iteration of the same game, the card layout didn’t even look the same.  Somewhere early in the game I made a simple choice- one that I did not recognize-  and that completely changed how the second playing of the same game played out.

It made me think about all the little choices we make every day and the greater impact each could have further down the road.  I played one card differently and couldn’t re-create the same game I had just completed.

What cards do we play, or not play, that make big differences in or futures?  I asked Dan Schawbel a personal branding question several months ago.  I had no intent other than to get his perspective on my issue based on his experience.  Had I not asked that question though, I wouldn’t be writing for this blog.

Can you think back about the choices you made that have had an impact on your future? Was there a moment you can now identify that is resonating for you and your future? Certainly you can’t go back and replay your life, but based upon where you are right now what choices can you make- what choices do you need to make- in the new year to define the future you want to pursue?

What do you think?  Make it a good day.


Mike Severy is the Director of Student Life at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He views his work through the lens of student leadership development believing that students are developed over time through a series of meaningful experiences and that his role is to help students create and find the meaningful experiences in their lives. You can connect with Mike on Twitter (@MikeSevery).

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8 Responses to “Choices”

  1. Mike, great post. It is interesting to ponder how history has been shaped by “”little choices.” Consider the small choices that led to the to the Wright brothers’ commitment and drive to develop an aircraft. Would the history of aviation look the same today if the Wright brothers’ had decided to pursue another passion?


  2. avatar Mike Severy says:

    Thanks Kevin. I’ve always found it interesting to back track from a current position to look at all the little decisions that helped make the situation a reality. One change and it could have been very different. Perhaps we can at least be more thoughtful and intentional about the choices we do make to at least steer us in the ‘right’ direction.

    Thanks for engaging the conversation. Make it a good day.


  3. avatar Cassie says:

    Great article. Thank you.

  4. avatar Asta Ratliff says:

    Actions and reactions. Sometimes we cannot even imagine where our little decisions would lead us to. Take different route, leave home 5 min earlier. It all counts.
    Great article, could not agree more!

  5. avatar Mike Severy says:

    Cassie and Asta – thanks for reading. I’m glad this resonated for you. Make it a good day.


  6. avatar Adrian Nunez says:

    Great Post! Very insightful and something I wonder about on a daily basis. I’ve heard touching stories, specifically ones about people who decided to catch that phone call on the way out the door rather than head to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11. The difference to them was life rather than death. Every decision, no matter how insignificant it may seem, makes a difference!

  7. Awesome blog post Mike! Certainly there are times in life where we wish we could go back and change the decision we made. If life were liike that however, we would be robots and life wouldn’t be worth living. We always need to celebrate the good times and learn from both the hard and bad times in life. Thanks for the great blog post.

  8. avatar Mike Severy says:

    Adrian and Raymond – thanks for reading. I love this: Every decision, no matter how insignificant it may seem, makes a difference. Hopefully they are good ones.


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