Conquering the Phone Interview


Not everyone is a fan of the phone interview.  I’ve been on both sides, as a recruiter and a candidate, and even for me, they’re my least favorite type of interview.  I believe I connect better and present myself more effectively in person than on the phone.  Recognizing that the phone interview will most likely never be obsolete and others may share my indifference for them, here’s my advice for getting through one successfully. 


Consider Your Setting


Start by carefully selecting the setting where you’ll conduct your interview.  You want to eliminate any distractions and ensure you’re able to focus solely on your conversation with the recruiter.  Although a recruiter can’t see you, they can definitely tell if you’re distracted.  Therefore you want to select an area that is both roommate and pet free.  I recommend that you are sitting up, not lounging across the couch or bed; you also want to have ensured that you have privacy and are able speak freely without being overheard by others.


Also consider conducting the interview on a land line instead of a cellular phone.  There is nothing quite as nerve wracking as a dropped call during a phone interview.  I’m feeling a bit anxious just thinking about the mad scramble to reconnect once the call is lost.


Dress the Part


You may find this bit of advice a little silly, but I encourage you to dress for the interview.    Do you have to go for full business attire including shoes and a tie? Ummm, maybe not, but you definitely don’t want to interview in your pajamas.  Professional conversations call for professional attire and although it may be mental, I promise you’ll interview better if you take the time to shower and change into clothing that makes you feel confident.




When you’re on the phone with the recruiter, remember to smile.  If you’re smiling while speaking with the recruiter it is more likely that the tone and inflection of your voice will be much more positive.  Yes, again, I know they can’t see you, but I can assure you that a smile translates right through the phone.


There are so many factors out of your control during the selection process.  The elements that are within your control…..your confidence, level of preparation, and environment are the keys to successfully conquering the phone interview.


Ronisha is one of Hyatt’s College Recruiting Managers.  Hyatt’s College Recruiters visit more than 30 college campuses each year recruiting top talent at hospitality programs across the country.  A graduate of The Ohio State University, Ronisha begin her Hyatt career as a Human Resources Corporate Management Trainee.  During her ten years with Hyatt, she has worked at Hyatt Hotels in Orlando, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey.  To learn more about opportunities with Hyatt please visit, follow Hyatt on twitter @hyattcareers, become a Hyatt Facebook fan at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Careers and follow the Campus Recruiter blog at

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