Diversity Career Resources: Part 1

How do you identify yourself?

Personal Branding is all about showcasing yourself and marketing your unique characteristics, interests, and skills. The way you identify yourself (woman/man, African American, LGBTQ, etc.) is protected information and employers cannot refuse to hire based upon these personal identities. There has also been research that states a person’s acceptance of self translates into confidence which employers look for in candidates. What I mean is take the time to know yourself, where you come from, and be confident with those unique characteristics that makes you special.

There are some great career resources out there for everyone. I’m going to take a few weeks and share with you some very useful and diverse career webpages. I’m starting off with a general site and then will share more specific websites in the upcoming weeks.

DiversityWorking claims to be the “largest diversity job board online.” This may be true, but it doesn’t have postings for every US state. It is still a good resource for a number of reasons.

Key Elements of the Website

  • Job Board – You can browse and search for jobs in 72 industries. There is also a section entitled Search Agent where you can schedule your own search agent that notifies you via email when a position that you’re interested in becomes available.
  • Resume Posting – Post your resume to the website and allow employers to search for you!
  • Organization – Provides the job seeker with basic information about the various companies that DiversityWorking showcases. They also provide a link to each company’s website which makes it easy for you do additional research.
  • Career Expo – Take part in the Virtual Diversity Career Expo. 10 weeks with a different career industry each week. There are still 5 career expos that will run throughout the end of 2010 calendar year. The only downside to this element is that it costs to attend, but once you pay it is available 24/7 throughout the weeks.

Additional Resources for the Job Seeker

  • FAQ Section – Good information with resume and interviewing tips. There’s only one criticism I would give with the resume tips. It suggests adding personal information to your resume, but this is not recommended because some personal information, like age, race, marital status etc. is protected information. There’s also some information on what to do if you experienced discrimination and why diversity is so important to companies.
  • Community Channels – Provides job seekers with specific search agents based on ethnic groups and recent news that have impacted the work place.
  • Diversity News – Recent news articles that impact the world of work, especially related to diversity.
  • Newsletter – Sign up for an email newsletter which provides you with the latest job openings, news, events, and more. You can even select to specify your newsletter to how you identify yourself, choices include ethnic, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, military, and more.

Check out this resource and watch for more website and resource reviews to come in the upcoming weeks.


Karen is a Career Counselor and Internship Coordinator at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). At IPFW she assists students in finding internships, coordinates and assists with campus-wide events, teaches a Career Planning course, and meets with students individually to assist them with all aspects of career development. Connect with Karen via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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