Do Things Differently

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers wrote about a day in which she did everything entirely different than she normally would. Instead of getting up early, she slept in. Instead of scarfing down lunch at her desk, she was able to arrange for a more leisurely lunch outside her work place. Instead of minimal make-up, she wore bright red lipstick.

I know – red lipstick, sleeping in, leisurely lunches…. what does this have to do with personal branding, right?

As Cassie Holman wrote a few weeks ago, it’s important to be consistent in your personal branding but also be “open to new concepts, people, situations, perspectives, activities, scenarios and interests”. Breaking out of our routines allows us to experience new things and opens our mind to new ideas.

As a college student, your days might vary a lot – different classes, lots of different friends, student organization meetings, internships, jobs, parties (at least for traditional college students). Days are probably a little more exciting and diverse than hanging out in a cubicle from 9-5.

But consider mixing things up and embarking on a day done differently. What if you got up early to work out or to have coffee with someone instead of sleeping in? What if you cooked a meal instead of stretching that $10 pizza for 3 days? What if you selected an elective course in an academic department totally different than your major?

I love my routines.  But too many routines combined with the gray days of winter meant my life lately was boring and non-inspired. To combat that, I’m doing things differently: Lunches with new people outside my normal social circle. Choosing Zumba class over my regular pilates class. Going to the roller derby.

Has my life or personal brand been totally shaken by these small differences? No. But I have thought about things in new ways and have reminded myself that life is more interesting when you make a complete fool of yourself in Zumba class. It’s exposed me to new things that allow me to connect with interesting people.

What can you do differently in your day?


Kelly is a career advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she assists undergraduate business students with all aspects of their career development. Connect with Kelly on Twitter, LinkedIn or BrazenCareerist.

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2 Responses to “Do Things Differently”

  1. It’s not unusual to make small changes in one’s life to liven it up a bit. But I’ve never seen anyone ask herself if her brand has been shaken as a result.

    Do you mean, do people think I’m a jerk because I was awkward in the exercise class?

    It’s normal for people to obsess about looking good but I’ve never seen it cast in those words before. A first for me

  2. Great post Kelly. Since I’ve been working from home going on 9 years, I make the effort to go out and network as often as I can. While working from home has it’s benefits (PJ days, etc), it’s important to have that professional and social interaction that leads to further personal growth and opportunities.

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