Do you sleep with your laptop?

Turn it off. Your laptop, cell phone, blackberry, iPhone, iPad and all other gadgets. Your brain on computers isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I read this New York Times Article today and had to share.  I highly encourage everyone to click the link and read. It is incredibly enlightening, particularly to those of us who spend much of our days with technology.

The article explores how as a society, we are becoming addicted to our gadgets. We crave information. We struggle to unplug and become anxious if we can’t check our email, social networks or blogs. Yet, constant information overload may hinder our ability to be creative, connect with others, and analyze and process information. As one lady described her husband’s addiction to technology, “It seems like he can no longer be fully in the moment.” It is nearly impossibly for him to unplug from his gadgets and spend time with his family, even when on vacation.

The article also explains the myths behind multitasking. While some people defend the practice, according to the article, multitasking is counterproductive. “Heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, scientists say, and they experience more stress.” Technology facilitates multitasking and can amplify these effects.

Obviously, technology and social networks can be incredibly beneficial for networking, information gathering, and developing your brand. It can facilitate great connections and helps advance society. But always keep in mind a balance and be conscious of how your use may be affecting yourself and others. If you ever feel like you are stuck behind your laptop or iPhone, make an effort to unplug for a day.


Cassie is a May 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison Ag Journalism graduate. She recently joined SPARK Advertising in Neenah, Wis. as a public relations specialist. Find Cassie on TwitterBrazenCareerist, and LinkedIn.

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2 Responses to “Do you sleep with your laptop?”

  1. avatar Mark Moran says:

    One more reason not to sleep with your laptop: a friend is a Lieutenant in the NYC Fire Department. He told me he’s responded to 6 fires in 3 months caused by hot laptops left on beds, couches, etc. A month later, his own daughter fell asleep with a laptop in bed, and her bedspread caught fire. Mercifully, he was home, and went in to check on her seconds later, and snuffed the flames.

  2. Yikes! I would have to argue that’s the BEST reason not to sleep with your laptop. Thanks for the heads up!

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