Dwelling in Possibility

sb61I have weekly regular time set aside on my calendar to “Dwell in Possibility”.

Dwelling in Possibility is my time for personal and professional development, planning and action.  Writing these posts, connecting with colleagues, keeping current in my field, developing my ideas and bringing my brand to reality are the items on my list of possibilities right now.

For me it’s really an opportunity to operationalize what Kuh, Kinzie, Schuh and Whitt coin as positive restlessness by asking myself: am I (are we) performing as well as I (we) can and then connecting with the resources, developing the ideas and taking action to ensure I am (we are).

Forward Thinking

The time you take to dwell in possibility has to be time spent forward thinking. Certainly it’s valuable to have a healthy understanding of your personal history, as it informs how you’ve arrived at where you are today. But, you can become stagnant riding the coattails of previous successes or focusing on closed doors.  By doing either, you’ll miss opportunities that may be presenting themselves to you.


Additionally, you can’t get caught up in the day-to-day of class, homework, papers, work and extra-curriculars.  It becomes very easy neglect your personal, academic and professional development planning and action time because, while vitally important, it’s not necessarily urgent in the moment.  Schedule the time and make it sacred.  That phone call, text message, tweet or email will be there when you get back.

Improve Your Personal Brand

By integrating the act of dwelling in possibility into your brand you’ll develop into a forward thinking individual who can “describe solutions rather than ask for tasks.” Dwell in possibility and you’ll be well on your way to developing and maintaining a dynamic personal brand.

Make it a good day.


Mike Severy is the Director of Student Life at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He views his work through the lens of student leadership development believing that students are developed over time through a series of meaningful experiences and that his role is to help students create and find the meaningful experiences in their lives.  You can connect with Mike on Twitter (@mikesevery).

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