Growing Your Brand Through Networking

On this week’s episode of Student Branding TV, we discussed how to develop your personal brand through networking.

The first step to developing your personal brand through networking is to get out and meet people. Networking is all about genuine human connections; these quality relationships cannot be established by following strangers on Twitter – networking takes effort and initiative.

The easiest way to start making connections is to engage with the people in your extra curricular activities, whether you are involved with a sport or marketing club, be sure to connect with other activity members. If a guest speaker ever comes in to meet with your group, it would be a tremendous waste to not introduce yourself and exchange business cards.

It’s also smart to connect with individuals that you share social capital with. Alumni, Greek, and Professional/ Industry associations are great places to meet with people that come from similar backgrounds and have similar interests.

While you grow your network, it is important that you make an effort to sustain the relationships you’ve already made. Keep in touch with the connections you’ve made by updating your Twitter/ Linkedin status updates with your activities and make an effort to keep up to date on what your contacts are doing as well (Gist is a great service for this).

It’s also important to introduce people you think could benefit from knowing one another. Pay it forward and you could have your next great connection made for you by someone else.

Most importantly, never stop networking. Even if you have a job, you can still connect with people that you can exchange information and opportunities with in the future. You never know where your next job may come from.

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-Erica and Derek


Erica is a senior convergence journalism major at the University of Missouri getting ready to take the “next step” and is excited to share her experiences with you along the way. She spends most of her time reporting for local NBC affiliate KOMU 8 News, researching and experimenting solutions for the future of mobile media production for VeriCorder Technology, and exploring new ways journalists can tell stories and connect with readers, viewers and visitors.

Derek is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book “Owning Y.O.U. The Personal Branding Action Guide.” About to graduate from the University of Washington, Derek majored in Entrepreneurial Ecommerce. Currently, Derek is the creative director at Wisdom N’ Treachery, a digital communication and branding consultancy. Derek resides in Seattle, Washington.

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