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Personal promotion in college is extremely important. Anyone visiting this website is aware that going to college is about finding a career just as much as it is about acquiring an education. It’s a competitive world out there and to be successful it is essential to do more than just go to class and get good grades.

Online branding starts now

Personal promotion starts now with everything from your personal hygiene to the way you decorate your living space. Things like posters on your wall, tidiness, and even selecting the right dorm room bedding can be essential for reinforcing your personal image and branding yourself correctly for life after college. The good news is that this entire process can be fun and starting in college will give you a huge advantage over students who wait until after college to consider personal branding and a career.

Most college students are familiar with Facebook and are great at navigating this social media network. Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t the social media network of choice for many business professionals and potential employers. Facebook is time consuming and the truly ‘social’ nature of the service has caused many businesses and professionals to shy away in favor of Twitter and LinkedIn. If you haven’t joined either Twitter or LinkedIn yet, now is the time. Get a head start on this social mountain now while you are in college, so you will be ready to tackle the next batch of employment oriented social networks that have yet to be invented.

LinkedIn is for Research and Personal Branding

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Applied to student branding this may seem like a senseless question, but is it? Do you really know exactly who you are and what you want to do? If your answer is not exactly, take some time to explore companies via LinkedIn.

This section is accessed through “companies” on any LinkedIn page. It is possible to search using either keywords or the company’s name. This will take you to the company profile section. Here you will find tons of useful information, including specializations, company statistics and company employee statistics.

You will be able to see things like the total number of new hires, current job postings, new titles for company employees and the names of people who have recently joined and left the company and their geographical distribution. You will also be able to see the most commonly attended universities, the highest degrees attained, and the years of work experience by employees in the company.

How do you use the research you’ve just gathered about companies on LinkedIn? Read Part II next week.


Jen Thames is the Brand Manager for, leading online supplier of dorm room bedding and residence hall linens. To learn more about her business, click here.


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