Holiday Wish List for Students

It’s that time once again- the hustle and bustle of the holidays is here. Have you started making your holiday wish list yet? In the spirit of consumerism, here are the must-have items for students of all ranks. Make sure you add them to your holiday wish list!

A Wish List for Students

  • sb95427Netbook- Netbooks are great for keeping up with e-mails and assignments on the go. The size makes them convenient to carry to classes and while traveling. If you take notes on your laptop during lectures, I suggest getting a netbook to lighten your load. Here is a list of PC World’s Top 10 Netbooks:
  • Portfolio- Get a great portfolio going by saving your best projects, papers and accomplishments in college. Add your resume and package it together in a professional way. Make sure your portfolio has binder rings and a zipper. This ensures you can add pages to your portfolio and don’t lose any of your work. This one is pricey, but it’s a great example:
  • PokenPULSE- Ditch your memory stick and upgrade to a pokenPULSE. It has 2GB of memory for all of your assignments and allows you to connect with your classmates and professionals in your field because it is a self-proclaimed “social business card.” The best part? It’s only $35. Here is a link to the product:
  • sb19548Skullcandy Titan Headphones- Put some fun into your studying with these great ear bud headphones. Product features include high quality sound and a great bass, superior isolation from outside noise, and cable mounted volume control. Plus, they were featured on HeadRoom’s Ten Best Headphones of 2009 list. Here is a link to check them out:
  • Compact Digital Camera- Capture your memories in pictures while you are in high school and college. You only get to do each once, and having pictures to back up your experiences is well worth the investment. When I’m heading out the door to do things, I make sure I have four things: phone, wallet, keys, camera. I’m always connected and I never miss a beat. Here is a link to CNET’s Best Budget Digital Camera’s for 2009:

What would you add to this student wish list to make your holidays merry and bright?


Jamie Mitcham is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University and the current communications coordinator at Casady School in Oklahoma City. Connect with Jamie on Twitter at @JamieMitcham and read the rest of her bio here:

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2 Responses to “Holiday Wish List for Students”

  1. avatar Kelly says:

    Great ideas! I’m going to have to edit my list.

    It’s not very high-tech, but I always suggest students add a professional suit to use for interviews to their birthday or holiday wish list. Not a fun purchase, usually – might as well get mom, dad, grandma, etc. to pay for it when possible!

  2. Kelly-

    That’s a great addition to the list. Thanks for adding it. I got my first suit for Christmas last year and it was a great investment.

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