How I Landed the Job

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I tend to agree with Einstein, but it was not until last week that I stopped behaving insanely and started doing anything and everything but “the same thing” I was doing over and over again.

I am talking about my job search. For a couple of weeks, I scoured and Career Builder, sorting out the scam jobs from my dream jobs to the “I have to eat” jobs.

After sending numerous resumes and cover letters and partaking in a handful of interviews, I still was jobless.

“How can this be possible?” I wondered. “I know my resume is good. I know my portfolio is thick with quality work, and I definitely know which links pop up when someone Googles “‘Lauren Holliday.’”

Why hadn’t my dream job and I collided yet?

Because I was doing what every other applicant who wanted a job was doing. I sent bland black-and-white resumes, traditional cover letters that did not do my personality justice; basically, I wasn’t making myself stand-out.

I knew things had to change so I designed a creative yet time-efficient strategy for applying to jobs; and soon, I received my dream job offer accompanied with a plethora of other interview inquiries.

Here’s how I got my job.

  1. I opened an Excel sheet, and sorted through all of my contacts. Contacts who I believed would be helpful in finding me a job, I added to the Excel sheet. I made sure first and last names were spelled correctly.
  2. I imported the Excel sheet into Mail Chimp, a free website that lets you email beautiful newsletters. While companies utilize email newsletters to brand itself and its best products and services, I branded myself and highlighted my best skills and proudest accomplishments.
  3. After I designed the email, I double-checked that all links were live and ensured that my grammar was immaculate.
  4. I sent the email at 11:30 p.m. on a weekday because it would be the top of receivers’ email in boxes when they woke up in the morning.
  5. I waited. I tracked opens and clicks. I analyzed. Then I waited again.

You know what to do now. One last word of advice: get your umbrella, because it’s about to start raining jobs.


Lauren  is a journalist with a marketing mindset, and the founder and CEO of Freelanship, a web-based startup that will transform the world of internships. She has written for publications across Florida, including: Central Florida Future, Orlando Examiner, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly and Sun Sentinel. Currently, Lauren and her team are a part of StartUp Orange County, an early startup accelerator program in Orlando. Connect with Lauren on Twitter: @LaurenHolliday or on LinkedIn.

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