Keep it Simple: Student Branding TV #13

Ah, simplicity! What a great joy in life.

Take a quick moment to think about all of the things you’ve accumulated over the years… before, during and (for some of you) after college. How much of it do you need? How much of it do you want? How much of it do you not want?

I still remember my freshmen year of college, my 8 x 11 room and my challenge of trying to strategically organize and fit my life into, not 8 x 11 of personal space- but rather, 4 x 5.5. Boy, that was tough!At the same time, I learned to cut back, keep only the essentials, and organize and appreciate my belongings.

Then enters post-college- often, you will have space for so much more stuff once you graduate. Is this a good problem, or a bad one? Completely antithetical to when I moved into my college dorm, when I made my way from Chicago to San Francisco, my Mom insisted that I bring 2,500 lbs of furniture with me (eek!). While appreciative of the very nice things she was offering to give me, it certainly didn’t contribute to the mobile lifestyle I wanted to have. Tis’ learning and life, though!

On the topic of keeping it simple, I leave you now with Kade and I’s last episode of Student Branding TV (see above).  Here, we discuss “stuff,” simplifying your life and the experience of getting rid of that which doesn’t matter.



Amber recounts her college experience as progressive, life-enhancing, entrepreneurial and social. A mid-west gal and 2007 Miami University (Ohio) graduate who served as the Apple Campus Rep for her university, Amber designed her own major to fit the future she envisioned herself having — one that embodied aspects of communication, branding, psychology and technology. Currently, Amber is Director of Marketing for a cutting-edge enterprise social networking software company in San Francisco. Prior to this, Amber led digital programs for a start-up marketing agency in Chicago for some of the world’s leading brands, including: Dove, Frito-Lay, Kimberly-Clark, Kodak and Beam-Global. You can connect with Amber on her blog: or onFacebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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