Let Your Digital Persona Shine

Creating Your Online Persona

In the 21st century (the so-called “digital age”) developing an online persona for job-hunting purposes is becoming as important as traditional methods such as resumes and networking.

Creating an outstanding persona can help distance you from other candidates in a competitive marketplace. Doing so does not have to be difficult as long as you prepare properly and execute a smart plan.


What Is An Online Persona?

What exactly is an online persona? Essentially, it is a series of profiles that help create a narrative about your professional attributes. The main advantage of an online persona over a traditional resume is the opportunity it presents to let your character, attitude and personality shine. Whether it’s a posting on an employee alumni board on Facebook or a message on LinkedIn, the persona can show employers more of what you have to offer.

A key factor in creating a successful online persona is to make sure your professional presence is separate from your private one. No photos from your beach vacation or your kid’s Halloween party. The focus here is on your qualifications as an employee, and why they should be valued by others.

Keep in mind that you must treat your online presence just like a resume – make sure all the facts are straight, the grammar is correct and the information is consistent across the various sections. It is also wise to use the same photo across all the various online platforms.


Where to Place Your Persona

Now that your persona has been created, how do you decide where to place it online? Obviously, career networking sites such as LinkedIn are the most likely destination. The beauty of networking sites is not only can your persona be seen by potential employers, but that you can connect with other professionals in your field.

Professional associations also offer job boards or networking databases that can be tapped by job seekers.

College alumni associations are good places to find networking opportunities.

In addition, employer alumni associations often are set up on social networking sites such as Facebook. These groups can keep you in touch with former co-workers and others in your profession.


Using Social Media to Land a Job

It is important to remember that more and more employers are screening you as a potential employee via your social media presence, whether it’s your Pinterest board or your Twitter feed.

In a blog post on, Jesse Butler, co-author of “Social Resume: A Proven Secret Within A Powerful Job Search Strategy,” wrote that a social profile combines your various online profiles to present a version of your personal, educational and professional qualifications.

Butler advises using all the major social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest – to build a large social media profile and following. She noted that more than 90% of companies said they plan to use social networks as a recruitment tool in 2013.

With so much of our lives already spent online, combining these various strategies can help promote your online presence and get your resume and qualifications in front of more hiring managers.




Tyana is a writer for Bisk Education. She works with the online programs from colleges such as Villanova University and New England College. Tyana covers a variety of topics centered around the collegiate community. She is currently a junior at the University of South Florida studying Technical Communications and New Media. Tyana has a passion for learning, technology and internet trends. Email Tyana or Follow her on Twitter: @tyana_daley.

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