Maximize Your Internship Opportunity – Vol. 4

Setting yourself apart from others

In today’s competitive corporate climate, it’s more important than ever before to go the extra mile. By committing to that “above and beyond” work ethic, your efforts will distinguish yourself from the others in your same position.

Here are some tips:

1. Think outside the box

Be creative and innovative. If you are given an assignment with step-by-step directions, don’t feel constrained to one path to complete it.

Full-time employees who are assigned the same work on a regular basis can often times get trapped in the flow, overlooking any opportunities to improve the processes.

Use your modern, “new school”, education and fresh set of eyes to better the business, and gain some positive attention.  Keep in mind that new ideas will be welcomed with open arms, so don’t be afraid to point them out and get your voice heard.

2. Propose Solutions

If you face a challenge during your projects, try to think of a few solutions before you place a spotlight on the issue. Instead of just mentioning to your manager that you have a road block, acknowledge the problem and explain your ideas of how that problem can be fixed.

With a solution already in sight, pinpointing a resolution with the help of your manager can be done with ease. This will classify you as a self-sufficient and superior employee who adds value to the workforce.

3. Demonstrate

Know your stuff and do some extra research that is unassigned but relevant to your projects and work. Schedule time with your manager and team to do a presentation of your findings.

This proactive step will help illuminate previously unknown solutions and prove to your manager that you are determined to produce the best quality work.

Although you might feel like you’re at the bottom of the food chain, noteworthy ideas (regardless of who developed them) have a good chance of being used. After you’ve returned to school with all the knowledge gained throughout the summer, knowing that you directly impacted the business will give you irreplaceable self-satisfaction.


Nuzhat is  a Program Manager  and  Social Media Specialist responsible for creating, managing and  marketing the Web 2.0 strategy  for EMC’s University Relations. She represents the  EMC Employment Brand to prospective interns & entry level candidates using social media tools & techniques and manages the internal online community for EMC’s interns and new college hires.  She hosts on campus career development  workshops on resume writing, networking skills, Things To Know Before Entering the Real World, etc. She earned her BS Degree in Logisitc & Supply Chain Management from University of North Texas. To find out more, follow her on twitter @NuzhatMK. To get more information on internships and entry level oppurtunities at EMC, check out and follow EMCCollege on twitter.

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