Maximize your Internship Opportunity: The Last Chapter

The Last Chapter: What will be your lasting impression?

Excited to go back to school in a few weeks? Although you might have dorm decorations and buying books on your mind, don’t forget these last few items that you won’t find on your back-to-school packing list. Your internship might be coming to a close, but following through with these tips will truly extend your internship opportunity while leaving a positive and lasting imprint on your company.

Update your Resume

Let’s face it, we all don’t have the advantage of a flawless memory. Don’t wait until the last minute and update your resume as you go to attach it to an email, or when it’s time to look for another employment opportunity.

Add your latest internship experience to your resume now, while the details of the projects and tasks you’ve completed are still fresh in your mind. If you haven’t done so already, keep a detailed record of your job tasks and more importantly, your achievements.

Give yourself credit for all that you’ve accomplished throughout your summer because you will want to remember even the smallest triumphs when in future interviews. Call out your successes. If you are stumbling and not sure how to articulate your accomplishments, ask your manager or reach out to a company recruiter for some guidance.

Look into the Future

Although receiving compliments for your outstanding effort is satisfying, take that satisfaction to the next and more beneficial level. Ask your manager or any employee that you completed work for to write you a personal recommendation.

Would you want to work at this company later in life? Initiate a conversation about future opportunities in the company and get your lingering questions regarding full-time employment answered. If you want to intern or work full-time at this company next year, but you want to try out a different department than your current position, make your connections now. Remember that establishing a familiar name can pay off!

“Thank You”: Two Words With Infinite Depth

Make sure that you express gratitude to whom it is deserved. Write personal thank you notes to acknowledge and thank those that made a difference in your internship experience. Use each note to highlight something specific about how their interactions and relationship improved the quality of your summer experience. Be sure to sign off your note by saying you hope to stay in contact.

Keep in Touch

The best way to have a full list of all the professional connections you made during your experience and keeping in touch with them is via LinkedIn.

Check out this series of posts by Claudine Meilink on how to build and improve your LinkedIn profile, add and maintain contacts and get recommendations:


Nuzhat is  a Program Manager  and  Social Media Specialist responsible for creating, managing and  marketing the Web 2.0 strategy  for EMC’s University Relations. She represents the  EMC Employment Brand to prospective interns & entry level candidates using social media tools & techniques and manages the internal online community for EMC’s interns and new college hires.  She hosts on campus career development  workshops on resume writing, networking skills, Things To Know Before Entering the Real World, etc. She earned her BS Degree in Logisitc & Supply Chain Management from University of North Texas. To find out more, follow her on twitter @NuzhatMK. To get more information on internships and entry level oppurtunities at EMC, check out and follow EMCCollege on twitter.

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3 Responses to “Maximize your Internship Opportunity: The Last Chapter”

  1. avatar Jessie says:

    these tips are great – unfortunately my internship ends TODAY! but no worries, I dont think I have slacked since it is the end :) I like reading your blog! good post

  2. avatar Nuzhat Karim says:

    HI Jessie, thank you very much for the comment. I am happy that the posts are helpful to you. If you have any career development related questions, please reach out to me via twitter @NuzhatMK and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

  3. avatar Andrew says:

    This series were great! I find them really helpful and vital for a fresh intern. Thank you for your great advice! :)

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