Maximizing YOUR Impact in the Workplace

Due to a couple recent articles written by young professionals, the overall reputation of millennials has taken a hit in recent weeks. Already a controversial generation, the articles by Taylor Cotter and Cathryn Sloane drew ire and criticism from all over and ignited the debate of millennials feeling entitled, arrogant, and even delusional.

While I do not agree with either article, I think the generalizations that ALL millennials think they’re entitled or don’t understand their place aren’t fair and overlook many millennials who are working tirelessly to make a difference in their organization and industry.

To shift the conversation from the two articles mentioned above, I wanted to turn to an infographic my team at MBA@UNC produced in partnership with The Young Entrepreneur Council. The graphic focuses on how managers and companies can leverage millennials, but I feel that for this site, its better to look at what we as Generation Y bring to the table and how we can maximize the potential impact we have.

Being ambitious, fast-paced, and work-centric (rather than money-centric) are all traits that millennials bring to the workplace and millennials themselves should not take these for granted. While a border-less mindset may not fit at certain companies, you will be a driving force at the companies that already have or are prepared to share the mentality you bring to the table. So when evaluating yourself, understand the value that you bring – because if you believe in your contributions, others will soon follow.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about how millennials will be impacting the workplace for years to come.

Gen Y In the Workplace Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC Online Business Degree & The YEC


Harrison is the Community Manager at MBA@UNC, the new Online MBA program at the University of North Carolina and sticks to his entrepreneurial roots as the founder of the global social good campaign, Tweet Drive. As evidenced through his previous projects, Harrison has a passion for all things social media, philanthropy, and finding new ways for students to understand the power of a brand. Before moving to New York and while still a student at Temple University, Harrison founded the PR/Social Media consulting firm, Kratz PR as well as Engage TV and the #PRStudCast podcast.  Feel free to connect with him to discuss community, social good, branding, or the Philadelphia Phillies on Twitter, @KratzPR or Linkedin

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