Oh the Places We’ve Been: College Graduation

I think of Dr. Seuss around this time of year and his book, Oh the Places You’ll Go.  Many receive it as a graduation gift, a sort of inspirational read to remind you of the infinite possibilities that await as you’re handed your degree.  What Dr. Seuss fails to reflect on is how the places you have been directly influence where you’re headed.

In the time that you have been reading my contributions to the blog, I hope you have taken away some very valuable information, information that you will be able to build upon as you head out onto life’s next journey.  We have examined the value of networking, the art of interviewing over the phone, and building your own personal brand.  You have seen how technology can allow you to apply to a job while on the go and how to prepare for a relocation.  And whether you have been a long time reader or just started, what you may not have realized is that you have actually been participating in these blog lessons for the entire duration of your college experience.  We bloggers are merely here to show you how to pull all of that together and focus it towards your job search.

I am not an old sage by any stretch of the imagination–I have been removed from my college days for 15 years now.  Nevertheless, I remember when my transition from college to the workforce at times felt awkward and left me with some self doubt and uncertainty.  It took me a while to realize that these were the same feelings I faced when entering college.  Any choice you make or path you choose to take will inevitably give you a moment of Am I doing the right thing?  What’s important to remember is that you already have established a well-stocked toolbox of knowledge which will enable you to be prepared as you face the unknown.

You will have a universe of choices ahead of you.  Some will be very clear and others will need a little more consideration.  Utilize your network of mentors and valued confidantes as soundboards and tap into their expertise and wisdom.  Whatever decisions you make and whatever outcomes they produce, every choice will be a life lesson and my philosophy is that positive experience can come out of both good AND bad choices (so really, are they really bad in the first place?)
Speaking of change and transition, this will be my last blog contribution, as I hand the baton off to Trish Freshwater. You are going to get some great insight from Trish as she helps you navigate the job market and your career decisions.  Whether you are just graduating or starting your college career, Trish’s knowledge will be yet another way to bulk up your personal toolbox.As you make the transition from student to job seeker, remember that this is one of only many transitions you will face so pay attention and learn from this experience.  The old expression “Change is good” actually should be “Change is a good teacher.”

As for me, it has been a pleasure to write for the blog and hopefully, help some of you out there.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and, as Dr. Seuss said, “Congratulations!  Today is your day.  You’re off to Great Places!  You’re off and away!”


Michele is a Senior Recruiter for Sodexo, a world leader in quality of daily life solutions that contribute to the progress of individuals and the performance of organizations. As a former assistant director at the University of Maryland University College’s Career and Cooperative Education Center, she’s no stranger to students trying to plan their careers. During that time, she worked with non-traditional college students to gain school credit for on the job work experience. Michele also taught seminars on job searching, resume writing and interview techniques, and partnered with local employers to help students gain employment. At Sodexo, she has continued her interest in shaping student careers by serving as a mentor to an intern in the company’s Future Leaders Program. Michele began her recruitment career in 1999, joining Sodexo in 2008 where she recruits for a range of food, facilities and environmental services positions. Michele holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park (go Terps), is a charter member of a Baltimore area Toastmasters chapter, and a Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) and Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR). When not giggling with her two girls, Michele enjoys writing … and watching the Yankees win, much to the dismay of her husband. Join her on LinkedIn or just Network with Us at Sodexo.

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