Personal Branding: Time to Reflect and Move Forward

Now it’s back to school and you’re wrapping up the start of a new semester. It’s exciting to think you’re a little wiser and one step closer to graduation. But are you ready? Have you thought about what’s next, short-term and long-term? Do you need to bring your grades up to apply to that graduate program you’re set on? Have you done enough networking to ask for a few letters of recommendation? Now is the time! It should be sinking in that this whole college experience is moving fast. This wonderfully crazy, stressful, and exciting time won’t be around forever.

Think back to January 2010; did you accomplish the things you were eager to do then?

Here’s what I’d suggest: make a list of the personal branding accomplishments you did within the year. Include networking functions you attended, internship/work experience, and student organization activities as examples. Then make a list of things you didn’t get to do. This list will become your personal branding top priorities in 2012.

Hold yourself accountable–keep this list somewhere you can see daily and work on a task a week, if you can do more often that’s great! If you’ve wanted to introduce yourself to your Dean or register for a conference do it! Don’t procrastinate; let’s try to do more this year than last.

Additionally, if your short-term plan includes a summer internship, T-Mobile will be seeking 112 interns in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Technology, and Supply Chain. The positions are all open on our job site, Please review the full job description and apply directly to the positions that fit your qualifications.



Desiree is a University Recruiter at T-Mobile USA. She is currently responsible for developing and implementing effective recruiting and branding strategies related to short and long term needs. She does this by partnering with business line leaders to build relationships and establishing realistic expectations. A big part of being a recruiter at T-Mobile is striving to position T-Mobile as an “employer of choice” and facilitate a world class recruiting experience for candidates. Desiree is also responsible for training managers and recruiters on the University and Internship Program. Desiree spends her free time spending time with family and friends, traveling, and volunteering with various groups. She also loves to read and trying anything that is new and fun.

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