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In our fast paced society, we’re seeing more and more technological advances that allow consumers to do things better, faster, smarter.

In the last 10 years we’ve seen cassette tapes become replaced by CDs, which are slowly being phased out by MP3s.

One of the most notable advancements is the cell phone. Cell phones have changed our world dramatically and it appears there’s no turning back. These hand-held devices allow us to take pictures, talk, send text messages and a host of other features designed specifically for its owner. But while most of us feel like the world will come to an end if their phone isn’t in close range at all times, it concerns me that younger generations are losing touch with key professional behaviors.
I love to receive e-mails from candidates I’ve met at career events, following up on a conversation we chatted about while in person. Most candidates are extremely professional; they include the proper greeting, a thoughtful subject line and body of the e-mail, and a proficient close.

However, there are some candidates that reach out and do the following:

All caps within the message – “CAN YOU PLEASE FORWARD MY RESUME TO A MANAGER?”

No punctuation whatsoever – “can you please forward my resume to a manager thanks”

E-mail is written in text form – “Can u plz fwd my resume 2 a mgr?”
These things will surely get you noticed, for the wrong reasons. Most companies are looking for excellent communicators–written and verbal. If this shows your writing ability, recruiters will have no interest in your speaking ability. Please take the appropriate time to draft a thoughtful and professional email.


Desiree is a University Recruiter at T-Mobile USA. She is currently responsible for developing and implementing effective recruiting and branding strategies related to short and long term needs. She does this by partnering with business line leaders to build relationships and establishing realistic expectations. A big part of being a recruiter at T-Mobile is striving to position T-Mobile as an “employer of choice” and facilitate a world class recruiting experience for candidates. Desiree is also responsible for training managers and recruiters on the University and Internship Program. Desiree spends her free time spending time with family and friends, traveling, and volunteering with various groups. She also loves to read and trying anything that is new and fun.

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