Rapportive – A Hidden Gem for Building Relationships

Keeping on top of professional relationships when you’re just starting out is essential but often quite challenging, even though there are tools to make our life easier. Whether it’s applying for internships and full-time positions, interviewing for your dream job, or simply keeping in touch with professors and mentors, the way you interact on the phone or in an email determines the tone and often also the outcome of your conversations.

How can you stay on top of everyone in your network?

We want to feel important. This is one of the bases of any human relationship or interaction, and it is up to you to make sure you stay on top of what is important to individuals within your network. In professional interactions, it is often crucial to remember details from previous meetings, what you talked about, what information was shared, important dates and time, so that your mentors feel their time is valued and appreciated.

Email (and especially Gmail) has made this essentially painless. Before you respond, you can search through past email exchanges and remind yourself of all those important details. But it doesn’t need to stop there.

Rapportive makes relationship-building easy

Rapportive is a Gmail plugin that gets rid of ads within your inbox and substitutes them with useful information about your contacts. Whenever you’re reading an email, you can now see up-to-date information about the sender in the sidebar, ready to be consulted if you perhaps need to refresh your mind about who John Wilkins actually is. Rapportive automatically tries to match Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social profiles, showing you recent updates and also providing quick links if you do need further information. In this way it can help you in building up your professional relationships.

It goes both ways

Rapportive is a great example of the importance of maintaining your web presence. It takes the concept of “googling someone” to an additional level, streaming such information straight into a Gmail inbox. Are you happy with everything a potential employer might see?

What if you at least went and edited the information Rapportive displays about you? Even if you’re not actively taking part in a conversation, you may still be involved. And it’s always better to have a say!

What do you think? Would you find Rapportive useful?


Anna is a Social Media Marketing Assistant at Pepsmedia, based in Cambridge, UK. Having graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2010 with a degree in Social and Political Sciences, she joined the small team straight out of university and is now helping businesses engage with customers online and build communities. She is passionate about the use of social media both in business and for individuals.  To find out more, read her Life With Social Media blog, or connect with her on Twitter @annamanasova and LinkedIn.

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4 Responses to “Rapportive – A Hidden Gem for Building Relationships”

  1. avatar Rahul Vohra says:

    Hey Anna, as the CEO of Rapportive and a fellow Cantabrigian I wanted to say a big thank you for taking the time to write-up this review!

    I wholeheartedly agree: people should begin developing their personal brand at University if not before. The tools for this, which were once available only to the most computer literate, are now available to all for free.


    • Hi Rahul,
      Many thanks for leaving a comment and introducing yourself and even more thanks for actually creating Rapportive. It has been so useful since I started my first job and actually meeting professionals around Cambridge and beyond. It is great that these tools are now available to everyone!

  2. avatar Morgan Siem says:

    Anna – what a helpful post! Both Rapportive & Batchbook were fantastic recommendations. I’m am going to check them out right now. Until now I’ve done what I can to keep track of contacts. I leave myself notes in Gmail contacts, I take notes on Twitter users with CoTweet or I put people in private Twitter lists to remind myself where I met them. I also found that switching from BlackBerry Curve to Droid X was a huge leap toward keeping better track of my contacts. Besides that it integrates with my Gmail contacts, it also let’s me link them to their Facebook, Twitter and other online accounts. It’s helpful, because when I go to send them a message, I can also see their latest tweet & FB updates. (No, I don’t have any affiliation. I just like the phone :) .

    Great post. I’m honored to be joining you as a contributor here.


    • Morgan, thank you for mentioning private Twitter lists, I use them all the time and they certainly make my life easier, not only in terms of putting people in context but also in segmenting my Twitter information overload =). I find Mixero to be a great tool to help with this.

      Looking forward to reading some of your posts!

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