Researching Companies, Yield Results

Does the word research bore you when you hear it? Well, when it comes to making decisions about career opportunities, real research should yield real results. It is important when you decide to look for a job that you take the time to research if a company fits what you are looking for. I want to offer a few tips that will assist your research that I promise will yield favorable results:

Create a checklist with the “must haves” in a position.

Ideally, we all want the perfect job and have already begun to ponder what “the perfect job” looks like. When creating a checklist of the must haves, it allows you to see at a glance if that company will work for you.

A Sample “Must Haves” List:
• How long has the company been around?
• Is it a public or private company?
• Will the company meet your personal and professional needs? Does the schedule work for you? Is there flexibility in the schedule? Are weekends required?

Other Questions to Consider:

1. Work Life balance: What is the company’s view on work life balance? Is there an opportunity to work from home, or work a compressed work schedule of four ten hour days and a three day weekend each week?

2. Compensation: Is the pay comparable to other companies. How often are increases given?

3. Willingness to be open: Is this company open to new ideas and looking to find new and creative ways to do business?

4. Does this company support Diversity and Inclusion?

Tips for Research

These are just a few questions that should be considered when you start to do research on a company. Now we need to discuss how you will go about gathering this information.
The internet will give a great deal of information on a company.

  • Viewing a company’s web site will allow you to get a glimpse of the flavor of a company.
  • View blogs written by company leaders
  • Post a discussion question on one of the social media sites to gain additional information. You will be amazed at the answers to any given question.
  • Most companies give you the ability to network with company representatives, where you can ask questions via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For example, at Sodexo, we provide this Network with Us option to make it easy for you so that you can connect with us in a multiple of ways.
  • Make the best use of company representatives when they are on your campus. Use their visit to campus as an opportunity to interview them with your questions.
  • Find out how the company that you are interested in does business. Check to see what articles were published about the company. Again, many offer a media search on the company web site.

You will be able to gain a great deal of information as you spend time doing the research. Make an informed decision about the company that you will work for, and you will find it to be a mutually beneficial relationship which will lead to a tremendous career. Research really does yield results.


Derren is the Manager, Diversity Recruiting for Sodexo which is a leader in integrated food service and facilities management. He is responsible for managing the Sodexo Future Leaders Internship Program as well as executing diversity sourcing initiatives for both campus and targeted experienced hires. With over 14+ years of experience with Sodexo, Derren has had great success as a General Manager in the company’s Health Care Services division as well as in several positions within their Talent Acquisition Group. He’s an active corporate partner with the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH). Derren is an AIRS Certified Diversity Recruiter (CDR) and Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR).

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