This is a resource directory for students of all ages, who are looking to find the right college, become a better and more successful student, discover the job of their dreams and join communities of people that can support them.  If you have any additions to this directory, please let us know.  It will be updated with the latest websites to help students with their career from time to time.

Find the Right School

College Prowler: The inside scoop on what it’s like to go every college across the nation.

Communiversity: At Communiversity, students can share their story of campus life using text, photo, and video.

sTuVu: Uncensored college reviews, videos and photos.

The University Review: Review your college or research a prospective university.

Unigo: A place for high school students to find out what life is really like at North America’s colleges, and to make friends who can help them find the school that’s right for them.

YourCampus 360: A site where you can view a virtual tour of College campuses.

Manage Your College Life

Cramster: Use this online study community as a place where you can ask questions about your homework or help other people.

Remember the Milk: A great way to organize your college schedule and keep track of tasks.  It syncs with Twitter and your cell phone too.

Zimride: A site that gives you carpool options for getting to class.

Find an Mentor

iMantri: The best place to find mentors or to become a mentor for someone else.

Find an Internship or Entry-Level Job

AfterCollege – AfterCollege is an online professional platform that connects college students, alumni and employers through customized career networks at colleges and professional organizations across the country.

Alumwire: College students and recent grads can use the free services at this site to find a job.

CareerTV: An online video show that shows what it’s like to work at various companies and has career experts giving advice to students. Students and recent grads can find internship opportunities as well as jobs with this resource. Discover internship and job opportunities, network with alumni and industry experts, and get a mentor. Investigate companies, salaries, and more at this site when researching where you want to work. Students receive a free one-year membership.

Internship Ratings: See how well certain internships stack against each other from previous interns across the country.

JobWeb: New grads can get help finding a job, opportunities to research employers, and informative articles at this site.

My First Paycheck: A site targeting teens that offers job listings, job advice, a resume builder, resources and tips.

MyWorkster: This site, specifically for students and new grads, links college networks with employers and also offers job listings. A comprehensive list of summer internships by profession. This site allows you to search through Twitter, using keywords, to find a job or internship.

Urban Interns: A listing of paid and unpaid internships and entry-level positions in the east coast region of the U.S.

Zumeo: Get your own online resume, take a self assessment, and find a job or internship that best matches your interests.

Find the Right Teachers

Rate My Professor: See how teachers compare, from student critiques, and pick the best ones that teach the classes you’re interested in here.

Text Books

Campus Books: Students can buy, sell or donate textbooks for cheap prices.

Phat Campus: Buy and sell books at discount prices.

Uloop: Empowers college students to sell textbooks, find roommates, events, housing, full-time and part-time jobs, internships, and even rides home.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Podcast: Chris Penn hosts this weekly podcast, where students can find scholarships, news, and personal finance tips, plus great independent music.

Grade Fund: A website where sponsors donate money to students who get good grades.

GreenNote: This social lending site is a popular alternative to student loans and connects members willing to finance loans to students at low interest rates.

Lending Club: Another social lending site, this one allows borrowers to get low rates and lenders to fund borrowers they choose.

Zopa: This social finance network connects members who are seeking loans with credit unions that offer low-interest rates.

Get Involved in the Community

Cool People Care: A media and lifestyle company that educates young people on how to do good thing in the world.

Social Networking

20 Something Bloggers: A Ning social network of thousands of young people who are active in sharing content and communicating with each other.

BrazenCareerist: A career management tool for young professionals, who can join special interest or local groups, post blog entries and connect with employers in a meaningful way.

Campus Buddy: Find people in your classes on this community.  Also, buy text books, get reviews of teachers and more.

Campus bug: You will you find free services that will help you with your homework, pass exams, and get into college while letting you have fun by connecting with friends through sharing pictures, music, and videos all under one roof.

College Blog Network: A blog community for colleges, where you can connect with faculty and students.

Ecademy: Another social networking site, this is a good place for students to network and make new connections with business professionals.

Fast Pitch: This social network gives you a chance to network with professionals in preparation for your career after graduation.

IdeaWhip: Undergrads, grad students, and recent alumni entrepreneurs can connect through this social network.

learnhub: This social networking site helps students find assistance with their class assignments.

LinkedIn: This social networking site is an excellent place to create an online presence for students seeking to start their professional career.

Loomagoo: Besides just connecting with others, students can purchase and sell text books, share notes, study guides, and more.

myYearbook: A network of over 20 million people making friends, playing games and even falling in love. Students can connect with each other as well as get information about colleges and financial aid, find top online schools, and more.

Teens In Tech: A social network for teenage technology enthusiasts.

The Quad: A free web platform that caters specifically to the college experience, including the college scene, Greek life, a college marketplace and academics.

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