Resumes – Gangnam Style!

You (and 520 million other people) have watched the video on YouTube, making “Gangnam Style”  the third most watched video ever. Maybe you can do the “horsey dance” or have seen people ranging from  British Prime Minister David Cameron to  Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt show off the moves.  Who would have predicted a cheesy video from an unknown singer, entirely in Korean would have been the most “liked” video of all time? (To see the the video, click here).

Wouldn’t it be great if we could isolate the elements that made “Gangnam Style” a monster hit, and apply them to something more useful – like a resume? Imagine millions of people “liking”, viewing and sharing your resume. It would take nanoseconds to get a job, right?

Well… no, actually. “Gangnam Style” means “a manner associated with lavish lifestyles in Seoul’s Gangnam district“, but the video is fun because it’s silly, tacky and not at all high brow (the toilet scene is a prime example). So while the song purports to be about refined posh living in an exclusive area, it’s really a lowbrow campy romp with Korean singer PSY. The fun is in the mismatch between posh Gangnam and the tacky video.

Such mismatches between people and their resumes are far less funny. If recruiters are calling you about jobs that don’t match your aspirations, you may have a “Gangnam Style” resume – it might look great and get attention  but it doesn’t send the right branding message. If so, it’s time to take a deeper look at your career goals and make sure your resume builds a bridge to get there.

Or you could just come up with a funny dance…


Marilyn is the Assistant Director of Graduate and Alumni Career Services at Bentley University. She brings an uncanny ability quickly discern strengths and differentiators and turn this knowledge into strategic career plans. She is passionate about equipping graduate students and alumni with cutting edge skills. Marilyn has a great deal of corporate experience, primarily in the technology, biotech and healthcare industries. She is a long-time user of social media (she was mentioned in Fast Company’s “Most Influential People Online 2010”). She holds degrees in Psychology and Public Administration from The Florida State University. Marilyn immigrated from Cuba as a child and is bilingual. She is active in Boston’s Hispanic business community.

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