4 Responses to “Tips for Strengthening Professional Relationships”

  1. Kelly- Thanks for the tips. It is interesting how different people prefer alternate methods for staying in touch. One must be proficient with all mediums: a phone call, text message, facebook/twiiter message, or face to face chat for coffee or a drink. To stay connected we have got to be willing to work at it!


  2. avatar Drew Carls says:

    Great read…I take advantage of snail mail …and the results are outstanding!

  3. Great tips, Kelly!

    I really liked your comment on “For your network to be effective, you must keep in touch with contacts and continue to demonstrate sincere interest in whatever is going on in their lives, professionally or personally.”

    In my personal experience, I have noticed that when you really show someone that you sincerely care about what is going on in their daily lives, you are much more likely to form good, long-lasting relationships, both professionally or personally.


  4. avatar Kelly Cuene says:

    @Kevin – You make a good point in that we should communicate with people via their preferred communication tool to increase the likelihood of our message being heard. Proficiency in different types of tools is key then, like you mentioned.

    @Drew – I’m glad someone is keeping the postal service alive and appreciates some snail mail as much as I do!

    @Eldar – I have found that in my life, too. Glad to hear others do too! Sometimes it’s refreshing to stop my mad rush to get things done and just re-connect with someone or check in with those I care about.

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